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Howard Rheingold

Scaffolding for System Shifting Networks - NetworkWeaver

"Networks come in all shapes and sizes. However, if you want to be a system shifting network you will need to put in place scaffolding so that transformation can emerge easily and quickly. In nature, billions of soil organisms and mycorrhizal fungal mats work together to form this type of scaffolding to distribute resources and support the growth of plants and trees as they create a forest."

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Howard Rheingold
A rep from @IngrahamAngle reached out to ask if we’d come on her show tonight. PSA: #JewsAgainstICE don’t give interviews to white nationalists.
Howard Rheingold

Cabin Porn: Inside
Howard Rheingold

Fresh Air Archive: Interviews with Terry Gross

Do you or a friend need a new podcast segment to listen to?

22,000 @nprfreshair segments from the past 40 years were just put online, many for the first time.

Enjoy! Share! Support public media!

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Darren Kuropatwa

Confronting Bias with Fifth Graders: Using the Draw-A-Scientist Experiment and the Covers of Picture Books To Help Students Recognize the Biases They Hold – Crawling Out of the Classroom

The unit is titled, “Uncovering Hidden Information, Sharing it With Others.” The focus of this unit is to look at how our understanding of the world is shaped by the information that we are presented with in the world around us and then to think about how the information that we choose to share with others has an affect on how they see and understand the world.

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Howard Rheingold
this is dog cryptography
Howard Rheingold
Glowing @salesforce Tower. #LeicaM10
Howard Rheingold
@hrheingold You are love.
Kim Cofino

Episode 43: #coachbetter School Leader Spotlight with Beth Dressler - ELPN

Have you watched the newest #CoachBetter episode with @mscofino & @BQDressler? How does working with a coach improve your practice?

#EduroLearning #COETAIL #isedcoach #podcastedu #edchat #instructionalcoaching #asiaed #edupo

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Howard Rheingold

Cathy Davidson on Twitter: "Exactly. Lovely description.… "

Yes you are one of the great ones modeling this!

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