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Kim Cofino

How to Lead Effective Professional Development as an Instructional Coach - YouTube

Facilitated my first Ideation session today for middle school faculty. A visual activity using Lego with helpful advice from @mscofino , @dianabeabout. Check out this video- #ConcordiaSH #Edurolearning #dschool #Coetail https://t.c

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Howard Rheingold

Describe your twitter account without downloading any new im...

Describe your twitter account without downloading any new images

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Howard Rheingold
The descent into a comic moment holds many flagging people and takes them better into the bravery-building call to action. The character is comfortable wearing himself lightly even at the breach, which is true public courage. Your mileage may vary. https
Howard Rheingold
@hrheingold And I appreciate all I learned from you, over so many years.
Howard Rheingold
@jedmiller @hayduke @hrheingold @silbatron Agree. And consistent, transparent norms that are designed/improved with community participation helps strengthen community relationships.
Howard Rheingold
@hayduke Agree. Though attention <> relationship and audience <> community. (Which I know you know.) @hrheingold @lksriv @silbatron
Howard Rheingold
If you’re a conspiracy theorist/anti-vax/Trump supporter please kindly piss off
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