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Steve Ransom

#ROCTopShots Photo Contest - Rochester NY

This week's Top Shot in #ROC is @ransomtech ⛵️

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Howard Rheingold
@saturnial You went native very quickly
Howard Rheingold

Understanding the social dynamics that cause cooperation to thrive, or fail

"Examples of cooperation abound in nature, from honeybee hives to human families. Yet it's also easy enough to find examples of selfishness and conflict. Studying the conditions that give rise to cooperation has occupied researchers for generations, with implications for understanding the forces that drive workplace dynamics, charitable giving, animal behavior, even international relations.

A basic tenet of these studies is that cooperative behavior arises when individuals interacting in a social network derive some benefit from being generous with one another. Yet social networks are not fixed. What if the structure of the network itself alters as individuals become more cooperative?"

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Howard Rheingold
Working on something
Howard Rheingold
I feel no shame and will do everything in my power to protect this right for my daughters and all women.
Howard Rheingold

How the Enlightenment Ends - The Atlantic

"Heretofore, the technological advance that most altered the course of modern history was the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, which allowed the search for empirical knowledge to supplant liturgical doctrine, and the Age of Reason to gradually supersede the Age of Religion. Individual insight and scientific knowledge replaced faith as the principal criterion of human consciousness. Information was stored and systematized in expanding libraries. The Age of Reason originated the thoughts and actions that shaped the contemporary world order.

But that order is now in upheaval amid a new, even more sweeping technological revolution whose consequences we have failed to fully reckon with, and whose culmination may be a world relying on machines powered by data and algorithms and ungoverned by ethical or philosophical norms."

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Howard Rheingold
Happy birthday to writer Howard Rheingold (July 7, 1947), author of "Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution" (2002) et al.
Howard Rheingold
My daughter does a thing called “redraw” which is basically revisiting old work and drawing it again ... these are just over a year apart. She practices daily
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