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about 2 hours ago

Any structure where action produces a result which promotes more of the same action promotes exponential growth.

about 2 hours ago

What are systems archetypes and why are they included in Perspectives.
* The Systems Archetypes - Bill Braun
* Positive Systems Archetypes - Marilyn Herasymowych, Henry Senko

about 2 hours ago

The intended process for creating and evolving perspectives.

about 2 hours ago

Overview of the rationale and structure for creating perspectives.
* Part I/Creating Insights
* Part II/Relationships
* Part III/The Essence of AND?
* Part IV/The Boy Who Cried Wolf
* The Wolf's Perspective - Aydelott
* Systems KeLE
* Problems in Causal Loop Diagrams Revisited - Richardson

about 2 hours ago

Thoughts on how to go about using the Perspectives project.

about 2 hours ago

Updates to the perspectives project pare posted here.

  • He prefers a three-level categorization, starting with protomodel in which a set ofelements is recognized but the relations among the elements are too dimly noticed tobe articulated; then a model, in which the detailed elements and relations arecollectively and mathematically articulated and, finally, a metamodel in which thosedetails are subsumed (though in a recoverable way, if necessary) in larger objects suchas graphs or matrices upon which operations can be carried out and which haveproperties not observable by visual inspection of a model alone.
  • One of the mosttroublesome aspects of systems engineering, and of the world of analysis and synthesisas a whole, is the virtually universal state of denial that persists concerning theprevalence of a complexity threshold beyond which conventional assumptions abouthow analysis, modeling, and synthesis no longer apply.
  • In effect what Friedman is showing is roughly that, if his conjecture is correct, thelikelihood that one will be able to compute anything from a model of highdimensionality is nil, unless one has applied constraint theory to assure theconsistency of the model, and to determine what computations are allowable.

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Edgar/Bug: Y'know, I've noticed an infestation here. Everywhere I look, in fact. Nothing but undeveloped, unevolved, barely conscious pond scum, totally convinced of their own superiority as they scurry about their short, pointless lives.

Zap-Em Man: Well, yeah. Uh... don't you want to get rid of 'em?

Edgar/Bug: Ah... in the worst way.
Oct 06, 15

"A set of simultaneous technologies is growing exponentially, with the common feature of being decentralized, and organized in a network. This contrasts with the centralized and hierarchical organization of today’s traditional society and its basic functions. The shift from the old to the new structure will subject the Nation State to an unprecedented pressure. The Network Society project creates a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with this unstoppable change."

Oct 03, 15

15.10.03 Signed up for an account though I'm not sure where I'm gonna find time to work with this yet I need to be able to do a comparison.

Oct 01, 15

"The following presentation was recorded live in San Jose, California, October of 1996, at The 1996 ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programs, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA)."

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