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Derrall Garrison

Derrall Garrison's Public Library

Lenses for revision- choose an area that is important to you, then choose another #becausekids #tcrwp

Writers self-assess on demands then set goals. #tcrwp
Sep 21, 15

What a great visual to illustrate the difference between Knowledge, Experience and Creativity.

@alicekeeler 7-8pm Central on Monday. :)

The result of programming with @tickleapp and painting with @SpheroEdu #QAlearns #EUSDLearns #ipaded

Here are some ways we can show a number - what are we missing? @MsPhilpot3 @MrOldridgeMath @PeelSchools #engagemath

People arguing that ISD day has come and gone.
- ISD is too slow and clumsy to meet today's training challenges
- There's no "there" there
- Used as directed, it produces bad solutions
- It clings to the wrong world view

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