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Julia Boulton

Julia Boulton's Public Library

about 2 hours ago

Apple recently released a set of guidebooks to help educators implement iPads and iOS apps into school curriculum. Apple remains the leader in innovation in education with the best hardware and software for teachers and students. (Find out how the iPad is beating the Chromebook in education.)   The new “starter guides” are available through Apple’s …

Jul 24, 16

Over 20 speakers worldwide will inspire you. Win prizes, meet other participants, earn certificates, get badges, and leave with resources and ideas all from the comfort of your home! Click to...

Jul 21, 16

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Jul 20, 16

I’m always surprised when someone makes a sweeping declaration such as “No one’s using virtual reality in the workplace”. I heard this very statement recently at an e-learni…

Jul 18, 16

Reading adventure packs contain a paired set of theme-based fiction and nonfiction books with related interactive activities that kids can bring home from school to share with their family. Find out how to encourage hands-on, fun learning at home with Reading Rockets' Family Literacy Bags!

Jul 18, 16

It was sheer determination, curiosity and a quest for adventure that led Australian explorers to understand and map the interior of Australia, sometimes at their peril.

Jul 18, 16

Fugleflick filmmakers are currently working on a movie about movement in art . As they worked on the storyboard they decided to create a movie that had many special effects. For example they said...

Jul 16, 16

EdTechnocation is an EdTech Resource produced by Michael Fricano II, a Tech Integration Specialist and authorized Google Education Trainer.

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