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Julia Boulton

Julia Boulton's Public Library

about 14 hours ago

After popular request, in this post I explain how to teach the “How to train your robot” class. The class is split in two parts. Part 1 – Guess The Robot The first part is a game called “Gues…

about 21 hours ago

I am doing full day workshops on The Maker Educator both at ISTE 2016 and EduTECH in Australia. What follows is both the description-goals and an overview of the workshop’s learning activitie…

May 25, 16

Here is a non sequential list of 10 of todays best STEM resources. Please take a moment this week to listen to their shows and follow them on Twitter. |

May 25, 16

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Teaching Science Neil deGrasse Tyson Director, Hayden Planetarium - The astrophysicist wants to see more engaged teachers. 2.31 mins Published on Oct 1, 2012

May 25, 16

Walkalong Gliders are much different to any other child’s glider that you've encountered before. No wind is required to have fun and experience a highly engaging investigation which can be linked...

May 24, 16

Here are some of the many ways that I use LEGO to boost engagement while introducing my students to a wide range of math concepts.

May 23, 16

totally free photos & stock images

May 22, 16

Can reading and 3-D printing be merged? How does a math teacher get evaluated well for integrating literacy beyond doing a "famous mathematician" project (bleh)? Let's explore practical models and...

May 22, 16

Bulk QR Code generator. Generate as many QR Codes as you like, for free, and download them as .png .jpg or .svg files or in a .zip file.

May 20, 16

Fun, practical projects that you can make with Raspberry Pi, a tiny and affordable computer. Created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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