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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

22 Apr 14

This collection presents an array of options for student communication. It currently hosts 639 assignments and 5870 examples created from them.  Users may visit Featured Assignments, spin for a randomly chosen assignment or view a random response to an assignment

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@MaineSchoolTech @alicebarr Wow! Congrats to you both for this well deserved honor.
19 Apr 14

E-book "If you’ve been wondering how non-techies can get involved in 3D Printing this book is for you!  Although we’ve worked in Digital Fabrication since 1986, FabLab Hub presents a number of workshops and we’ve seen how intimidating some of the work, especially CAD, can be to anyone new to 3D Printing.  The explains basic concepts in easy to understand language and tries to give a realistic view of what is actually possible for the “person on the street” to accomplish."

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