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Alice Barr

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@alicebarr Love that you include choice, engagement & exploration. Adding what works for teaching Ss to supporting Ts = good practice!

What does Russian President Vladimir Putin admire most about Americans? He tells @CharlieRose: "Their creativity and their innovation."
Sep 16, 15

A7: Great opportunity to encourage creativity with #GAFE and 1 of these #gafechat

Sep 16, 15

"Welcome!  Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators. Mathematics is much more than a set  of problems in a textbook.  In the virtual world of Google Earth, concepts and challenges can be presented in a meaningful way that portray the usefulness of the ideas."
A4: Such a fan of It isn't a work sheet, but Math + @googleearth = #bigwin #gafechat

A5: Take. Pictures. Of. Every. Experiment. If Google Photos is on for your district, the pics will magically appear in G-Drive. #gafechat

A6: Emailing MS Word files to their teacher... Okay, not really. :-) #GAFEchat
Sep 16, 15

A3: I think Google Tour Builder is amazing - would completely redefine the worksheet #gafechat

Sep 16, 15

A3: Example of using a Fusion Table with Maps #gafechat

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