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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

Aug 25, 15

30 Circles Test
"This is a great challenge that can be adapted to suit people of any age in any setting. It’s quick way to get creative juices flowing, break the ice, or team build, and all you need is a sheet of paper with 30 circles, a pencil, and 3 minutes."

Aug 18, 15

"Each district should create a Questioning Toolkit which contains several dozen kinds of questions and questioning tools. This Questioning Toolkit should be printed in large type on posters which reside on classroom walls close by networked, information-rich computers."

So when r organizers fr/ @edcampme @EdCampBgr @EdCampWME @EdCampOOB & @MooseCampPBE gonna get together 2 become the ME EdCampSuperFriends?

To acknowledge each other and respect individuality is common courtesy

Loving @marsenault & @alicebarr ’s challenge-based PD model… we need to chat at the pier about this! #edcampoob

@marsenault @alicebarr @jlscheffer @cathywo @T_HEB Now this is a knowledgeable group! #EdCampOOB
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