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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

about 20 hours ago

Getting lots of My Maps ideas from @mrpiercEy at #cagti16 Combine news and geography with

about 20 hours ago

#cagti16 cohort having fun in 360º

Jul 26, 16

Compare sizes and shapes of countries

Jul 22, 16

A bunch of #apcsp teachers communing with dead cetaceans. #7dwarvesofCSP @ College of the Atlantic

Jul 20, 16

"Find information, strategies, protocols, and tools -- including resources and downloads from teachers and schools – to promote curiosity and engage students in asking questions, thinking critically, and solving problems.
A3: ❤️ this collection from @edutopia #gafechat

Jul 20, 16

@mallackw @NSchwartzTech Here is my Social Studies padlet. It is a work in progress, but a start #gafechat

Jul 20, 16

A2:Puzzle piece fly out. Predict what we're learning, piece by piece. Evidence from source for prediction. #gafechat

Jul 20, 16

"This is a project designed for a high school Algebra II course. Students take on the role of product designers trying to create a new and improved container that resolves a current problem (environmental, financial, or functional). Students connect these designs to mathematical models, using them to improve the design of the containers."

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