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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

@alicebarr @andycinek @jaspang @cengvall great meeting you Alice! Love the idea of A student unconference! EdCampMaine Rocks too!
Mar 23, 15

Via @thisissethsblog " A committed student with access to resources is almost unstoppable." #bpschat #edchatma

Envisioning the #makermindset Transforming tech learning. Watch out @HopkinsSchool Ss & Ts! Thanks @jaspang #edcampgrafton @HopkinsArtRoom

"Would you buy a ticket to your own classroom lesson?" #edcampgrafton

“@mcohenmursd: "Would you buy a ticket to your own classroom lesson?" #edcampgrafton” @daleyscience Yay!!

@alicebarr @jaspang @cengvall thank you so much for being here, Alice

#tlap #edcampgrafton representing MA pirates!!

Inspired 2 share new ideas for Google & ideas from student panel #lifelonglearning #edcampgrafton

@WHSRowe @Dr_LMR @abbeydick @heatherkohn @alicebarr @andycinek enjoy the learning,will be following your tweets

@alicebarr came all the way from Maine to discuss creativity in the classroom at #edcampgrafton

@alicebarr Thanks for sharing the workshops being offered and the notes.
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