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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

Nov 25, 15

Join us for the 2nd annual @EdTechTeam Capital Region #GAFESummit on May 21 & 22! #nyedchat

Alex & Rachel getting feedback after #cml14 #minecraft @minecraftEDU workshop from @kjarrett @alicebarr @shannonwa
Nov 18, 15

@alicebarr thanks for sharing alice barr, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by

@mrs_junkins @MisterCMaine this chat was inspiring! You #PSTmaine geniuses better stick around #edchatme !

@alicebarr Thanks, Alice! Glad you and @marsenault could join @MisterCMaine and me to help professionally network #PSTMaine! #edchatme
Nov 17, 15

YES love ‘em all—don’t forget @EdCampME @EdCampWME @EdCampOOB as opportunities for #edchatme face-to-face awesome!

.@alicebarr It would be nice to see more #PSTMaine Ss at #EdCampME & other Edcamps! #EdChatME @EdCampME
Nov 17, 15

The in person connections born from Twitter are THE BEST part about being connected. #EdChatMe

A5) via @sylviaduckworth #nuffsaid #edchatme #pstmaine

@TheWeirdTeacher @RedRiotTennis wheels are wheels. What custom vehicles do they move forward? That’s where instruction gets fun! #edchatme

A3: I'd eliminate generational barriers! Learn from eachother. New Ts fresh eyes + exp. Ts years in classrooms = GOLD! #PSTMaine #edchatme

I’m breaking a sweat keeping up with #edchatme tonight talking with @pstmaine
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