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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

So when r organizers fr/ @edcampme @EdCampBgr @EdCampWME @EdCampOOB & @MooseCampPBE gonna get together 2 become the ME EdCampSuperFriends?

To acknowledge each other and respect individuality is common courtesy

Loving @marsenault & @alicebarr ’s challenge-based PD model… we need to chat at the pier about this! #edcampoob

@marsenault @alicebarr @jlscheffer @cathywo @T_HEB Now this is a knowledgeable group! #EdCampOOB

Breakfast & conversation at #edcampoob Ideas already popping & it is early. Thanks @alicebarr @jlscheffer @marsenault @cathywo #edchatme

Amazing intro to project-based learning at #EdCampOOB!

Need to teach students about "digital tatoo", not digital footprint. Footprints can "wash away". #ResponsibleUse #schoologynext @k_shelton

Check it out! Other principals are also catching onto #ownyourlearning
Jul 23, 15

The Internet needed innovation from the edges to succeed, says D/I Prof. Shane Greenstein via @digHBS

Jul 23, 15

Ted Talks and Reading to support Most Likely to Succeed

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