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Alice Barr

Alice Barr's Public Library

#eduawesome FPP team! @kristenswanson @Mrskmpeters @LS_Karl @cmcgee200 @laksmi_pits @jswiatek @alicebarr @DixonCindy

@MiddleLevelEd @kristenswanson @Mrskmpeters @LS_Karl @cmcgee200 @laksmi_pits @jswiatek @alicebarr @DixonCindy YOu are in some amazing co

I love me some #edcamp meetings with FPP ppl! @hadleyjf @alicebarr @LS_Karl @kristenswanson @middleleveled

+1 RT @Mrskmpeters: I love me some #edcamp meetings with FPP ppl! @hadleyjf @alicebarr @LS_Karl @kristenswanson @middleleveled
Mar 02, 15

Happy Birthday Seymour Papert.

Mar 01, 15

Google Junior - Kid Safe Search by #google - Thx @alicebarr #gafesummit #gafe #googleET

Feb 28, 15

Great video - Questions waiting to be answered #ettgoogle

Feb 28, 15

Hand Drawn Slides...Embracing Slow Thanks to @TheTechRabbi for inspiration. #ettgoogle #ettipad

"magic happens when Ss teach themselves faster than Ts can" #ettgoogle

Great to be at #ettgoogle at connect face to face w/PLN @Mr_Driscoll @alicebarr @patrickmlarkin
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