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10 Apr 14

This nutrient-packed juice recipe has ingredients like spinach, apples and flaxseed oil. It's refreshing and tasty.

10 Apr 14

Drinking your fruits and vegetables is trendy. But can a juice diet help prevent cancer?

05 Mar 14

The emergence of e-hookahs and their ilk is frustrating public health officials who are already struggling to measure the spread of e-cigarettes, particularly among young people. The new products and new names have health authorities wondering if they are significantly underestimating use because they are asking the wrong questions when they survey people about e-cigarettes.

12 Feb 14

One of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter-century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age.

12 Feb 14

Two recent studies add to the growing evidence that consuming dairy fat may actually fend off weight gain. Experts say it may be time to revisit the assumption that when it comes to dairy, fat free is always best.

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