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  • But Russia is in a weak position to protest against any U.S. destabilizing of European security given its own movement of armoured divisions westward, following the annexation of Crimea and the borderlands confrontation with Ukraine in recent years.
  • Many of these states have been critical of Obama for being naïve about Putin's expansionary intentions and not acting sooner to shore up NATO defences, something the president had hoped to leave to Western European governments.


    "They have finally realized that their previously weaker interest in this part of Europe hadn't done them any favours," Polish security expert Lukasz Kiser told the New York Times. "This decision will try to make up for that."

  • Moscow also charges that this move puts the U.S. in breach of the 1997 NATO-Russia agreement that pledges both sides to avoid placing large numbers of troops along borders facing each other — one of the pillars of post-Cold War confidence-building diplomacy.


    The NATO reply, which sounds rather like hair splitting, is that this new brigade will move around a lot and so will be a "persistent" but not a "permanent" presence on a border.

  • Universal Demogrant
  • Segal prefers the GAI to be based on a "negative income tax," or "income top-up" of the type that cut poverty among the elderly "from over thirty percent to under five percent – without the hiring of additional civil servants – largely because the tax system was the chosen delivery instrument," he wrote in a piece for Huffington Post.
  • Free money for all could jumpstart the economy: Don Pittis - Business - CBC News
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