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  • Read the Entire Internet with Spritz – Download the Spritzlet

    Are you ready to spritz the whole internet from the comfort of your desktop browser? A bookmarklet is a piece of software that you use in conjunction with your browser to interact with webpages. Spritz created the Spritzlet to help people spritz all of the websites that they visit. Click here to get the Spritzlet.

May 25, 16

Note to self - I can navigate around the types by changing the URL

  • relationships are in all ways mutual – mutual interest, mutual growth, and mutual responsibility – and they can't be solely accountable

  • In fact, Obama’s decision to “fully” end the arms embargo was driven by China’s growing aggressiveness in seeking control of nearly all of the South China Sea, actions have unnerved Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan—as well as Vietnam and the U.S. “It’s all about China,” says Anthony Zinni, a retired four-star Marine general who fought in Vietnam. “No matter how much he denies it.”
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