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16 Apr 14

"Very detailed Central European maps by Gottlob Daniel Reymann (b. 1759, d. 1837). Covers most of East and West Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland,
northeast France, parts of Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and former Baltic states."

in list: German Genealogy

09 Apr 14

"Our casualty database lists the names and place of commemoration of the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars.
It also records details of the 67,000 Commonwealth civilians who died "as a result of enemy action" in the Second World War."

28 Mar 14

via Ancestry (subscription required)

"Meyers Konversations-Lexikon is a historic encyclopedia that was published in the late 19th century. It consists of 18 volumes and over 97,000 encyclopedic entries. Entries include, among other subjects, biographical sketches of prominent individuals of the time, place histories and descriptions, illustrations, and maps, including some of the best maps of pre-World War I German Empire provinces."

in list: German Genealogy

15 Mar 14

Gives you the county, barony, civil parish, poor law union, and province for each townland. If for some reason your search for a townland name doesn't reveal any matches, run a search on only the county and it will pull up a list for every town in the county. Sometimes the search is just wonky, other times the town may be listed as a variant of how you thought it was spelled.

in list: Irish Genealogy

08 Mar 14

"Find the name of the town your Bavarian ancestors emigrated from by using the Bavarian Emigration Database. The Bavaria Emigration Database has been compiled from emigration notices printed in Bavarian newspapers as one of the conditions to legally emigrate from Bavaria. Printing the notice gave the newspaper readers plenty of time to put in a claim if they were owed money by the person leaving the Kingdom of Bavaria.
The database has a few records from as early as 1823, but most of records are from 1832 to 1873."

in list: German Genealogy

07 Mar 14

Index to births, deaths, and marriages. Can order the record and receive a digital image online for a fee.

28 Feb 14

via Google Books; other volumes also exist.

1834 -
1847 -
1858 -

and more

in list: German Genealogy

28 Feb 14

Information on Posen, Prussia.

in list: German Genealogy

21 Feb 14

"The NextGen Generation Network exists to foster the next generation’s interest in family history and engagement in our community through digital channels which virtually connect members throughout the world."

21 Feb 14

via Google Books

Published in 1889, whole title translates to: Topographical and statistical manual of the Prussian State: Or alphabetical list of all the cities, towns, villages, manors, granges, mills, or other inhabited buildings, factories and land, leading its own name, with an exact description of the latter

in list: German Genealogy

19 Feb 14

Wiki, with main focus on Posen, Prussia.

in list: German Genealogy

15 Feb 14

"The aim of the Great Migration Study Project is to compile comprehensive genealogical and biographical accounts of every person who settled in New England between 1620 and 1640. Between these years about twenty thousand English men, women, and children crossed the Atlantic to settle New England. For a century and a half genealogists have been studying these families, and thousands of books and articles have been published as a result."

15 Feb 14

"Chronicling Illinois showcases collections and items from the vast Illinois history holdings of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library."

14 Feb 14

Information about Abraham Lincoln and his friends, associates, and colleagues. This website is put together by the Lincoln Institute.

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