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  • How to Hire and Manage a Property Manager for Your Rentals on Dec 19, 14
    • Then, almost overnight, everything started to fall apart. We had a property manager rob rent money from us, another one poorly managed a renovation project resulting in 2 units that couldn’t be rented out, and yet another property manager got charged with manslaughter and during his spiraling crash to misery he turned our six plex into a crackhouse.
    • We work with great property managers and most of the time there are very few things we need to get involved with. But we’ve learned that no matter how good the property manager is, nobody else loves and cares for our properties and money like we do. And now that we’re actively managing our property managers we’re making a whole lot more money than we did before.


  • Managing Investment Properties From a Distance - Heroic Investing on Dec 19, 14
    • If possible, select self-sufficient tenants that plan to rent the property long-term. Some renters may already be in place when you buy the property, especially if the purchase in question is a duplex or other multiplex. But since these tenants will be assuming more responsibility toward the property than usual, it’s important to have renters in place who can “co-manage” the property with you.
  • These Dreamers Are Actually Making Progress Building Elon's Hyperloop | WIRED on Dec 18, 14
  • Scientist 'terrified' of own tech - Yahoo News UK on Nov 27, 14
  • How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips | Digital Book World on Nov 25, 14
  • Curating and Keeping it all Together: Evernote, Diigo, IFTTT and Learnist Oh My | What Teachers Make on Nov 25, 14
  • Learn Italian » Italiano in tre minuti S1 #1 - Self Introductions on Nov 25, 14
    • Learn Italian with! You just arrived in Italy ready for a great adventure! Of course, that will include meeting many wonderful people.
    • This Italian Video lesson will teach you how to introduce yourself in Italian. We will take you step-by-step through the pronunciation of each Italian word and have you introducing yourself in Italian in just three minutes!
  • Graphene transparent memory take us closer to transparent smartphones on Apr 24, 14
  • About Diigo | Diigo on Apr 22, 14
    • Read more effectively with annotation tools as you browse around the web. Add digital highlighters and sticky notes whether on PC, tablets, or mobile, and have them always be where you left them when you return! Print to mark-up? No longer necessary. Better recall? Proven! Create reports with your annotations? just a few clicks, and no more copy & paste into Word or email.
    • Say goodbye to broken links and lost treasures The web is dynamic - valuable content you found earlier is often no longer there when needed. Diigo archives the webpages for the links you save. Better yet, the archived pages are fully searchable. So do not just bookmark, save to Diigo!
  • How To Run Windows Apps In Linux | PCWorld on Dec 23, 13
    • Before installing any Wine application, it's a good idea to install the Microsoft Core Web fonts. These are the usual font suspects in a typical Windows install (Arial, Times New Roman etc.) and many Windows applications expect to find them in place. Things will probably look odd without them.


      You can install them by either copying the .ttf files from a Windows installation, or by installing the msttcorefonts package. Fonts that are not supplied as part of this package, but which some applications might need, include Tahoma and MS Sans. You can find these around the web if you search. You can install them by creating a folder called .fonts in your /home directory and placing them there.


      If you want to import directly from a Windows installation, you'll find the fonts in the C:\windows\fonts directory. Copy all the .ttf files to a USB stick, create a new folder in your /home directory called .fonts (note the period before the word fonts!), and place them there. And that's it. The fonts will now be available in all your applications.

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