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  • Fish Oil Claims Not Supported by Research - The New York Times on Sep 02, 15
    • Like many cardiologists, Dr. Stein encourages his patients to avoid fish oil supplements and focus instead on eating fatty fish at least twice a week, in line with federal guidelines on safe fish intake, because fish contains a variety of healthful nutrients other than just EPA and DHA. “We don’t recommend fish oil unless someone gets absolutely no fish in their diets,” Dr. Stein said.
  • Availability of Propane thru Central & S. America | Drive the Americas on Jun 27, 15
    • rt of adaptor. To save time, truck campers traveling to South America should consider using 5-gallon propane tanks because those tanks are easily adapted to the local standard and are commonly available for exchange in nearly every tiny village. "
  • Pop-up Camper Expedition Prep | PanAm Notes on Jun 25, 15
  • Evernote, the bug-ridden elephant | on Jun 25, 15
    • I love using Evernote and Dropbox for it’s convenience. But for my important information, especially documents and records that I want kept safe yet shared with family members and my lawyer and accountant, I use Everything stored there is encrypted both during uploads and in storage and I love the dual authentication feature for added security. They have some great checklists too!
  • Knowing the Bolt Tightening Torque Specs for your Car - CarsDirect on Jun 25, 15
    • If possible, using a torque angle can be a more accurate way of tightening bolts. A regular torque wrench does not manage to get rid of error that is due to friction. By using a torque angle, the torque force that is achieved is much more accurate. This is a very simple tool to use and can make all the difference when tightening bolts in the engine.
  • Web Highlighter for iPad Safari | Diigo on Jun 24, 15
      • Tap the Web Highlighter bookmarklet and a toolbar will show up

      • Select some text, then click the Highlight button in the toolbar

      • You can change the highlight color by tapping the highlighted text

  • Quotes About Travel (1384 quotes) on Jun 22, 15
    • “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” 
      ―  Mary Anne Radmacher
    • “One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” 
      ―  Henry Miller
    • “...there ain't no journey what don't change you some.” 
      ―  David Mitchell  Cloud Atlas

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  • Customer Reviews: Timbren TORTUN4 Suspension Enhancement System on Jun 22, 15
    • I use this system with my Four wheel Camper (1000 lbs). Prior to install I bottomed out constantly. I tried the Air Ride elastomer system which was a complete failure, Amazon replaced them with the Timbren and I could not be happier. The ride quality is a bit firmer around town loaded or not. You will feel driveway transitions a bit more (like in a real truck) but the highway ride does not seem to be affected. My truck now rides almost perfectly level with the camper installed... Life is good.
      UPDATE 5/13
      After a couple thousand miles with the Timbren I added Helper Air springs to the truck to improve the ride. I tired of watching my bikes on the rear rack getting thrashed around because the Timbrens were always in contact with the frame when my FWC slide in camper was on the veh. Ride has for sure improved now as the truck has about 1.5" travel before the Timbren engages... I dont regret the Timbren but they lack adjustability for loaded/ unloaded and are not really comfortable for those long highway trips when the concrete highway expansion cracks are thumping the truck every couple seconds.
  • How to Hire and Manage a Property Manager for Your Rentals on Dec 19, 14
    • Then, almost overnight, everything started to fall apart. We had a property manager rob rent money from us, another one poorly managed a renovation project resulting in 2 units that couldn’t be rented out, and yet another property manager got charged with manslaughter and during his spiraling crash to misery he turned our six plex into a crackhouse.
    • We work with great property managers and most of the time there are very few things we need to get involved with. But we’ve learned that no matter how good the property manager is, nobody else loves and cares for our properties and money like we do. And now that we’re actively managing our property managers we’re making a whole lot more money than we did before.


  • Managing Investment Properties From a Distance - Heroic Investing on Dec 19, 14
    • If possible, select self-sufficient tenants that plan to rent the property long-term. Some renters may already be in place when you buy the property, especially if the purchase in question is a duplex or other multiplex. But since these tenants will be assuming more responsibility toward the property than usual, it’s important to have renters in place who can “co-manage” the property with you.

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