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  • The Daily 202: The Bernie Sanders Moment Has Arrived In New Hampshire. - The Washington Post about 2 hours ago
    • Ted Cruz is also laying the predicate to go after Rubio in South Carolina over women in the armed forces. The Palmetto State, which votes Feb. 20, is more socially conservative and has a huge military population. Yesterday, in Barrington, Cruz said his rivals who refuse to rule out a military draft for women are “nuts.”

  • The Anxiety Of Being Marco Rubio - BuzzFeed News about 6 hours ago
    • But to those who have known him longest, Rubio’s flustered performance Saturday night fit perfectly with an all-too-familiar strain of his personality, one that his handlers and image-makers have labored for years to keep out of public view. Though generally seen as cool-headed and quick on his feet, Rubio is known to friends, allies, and advisers for a kind of incurable anxiousness — and an occasional propensity to panic in moments of crisis, both real and imagined.

      This jittery restlessness has manifested itself throughout Rubio’s life, from high school football games in Miami to high-profile policy fights in Washington — and in some ways, it’s been the driving force in his rapid political rise.

    • From the moment the 2010 primary turned negative, the candidate needed a fainting couch every time an attack was lobbed his way, his aides recalled to me. It began when Charlie Crist’s campaign claimed Rubio had “tucked away” $800,000 in the state budget for new AstroTurf on the Miami-Dade fields where he played football. It was a relatively gentle jab as far as campaign combat goes, and the story quickly fizzled. But Rubio was positively wounded by the charge.

      How can they say that? he mewed to his aides. They can really just make stuff up about me?

    • “He just lets these little things get to him, and he worries too much,” a Miami Republican complained after spending close to an hour sitting next to Rubio on a flight as he fretted over a mildly critical process story about him in the National Journal. “I’m just like, ‘Marco, calm down.’”

  • Rubio's Gaffe Knocked Establishment Off Its Preferred Track | RealClearPolitics about 6 hours ago
    • Instead, we’re on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, which is traditionally the major winnowing event, and a substantial wrench has been thrown into the process. If we were to end up with a situation where Kasich comes in second or third, and then Bush finishes well in South Carolina (with Chris Christie somewhere in the mix), we could have five or six viable candidates still running by the time the SEC primary rolls around in early March. The field would presumably winnow further after that point, but 822 of the 2,472 delegates – roughly a third – will have been awarded. You can probably see how a real mess plays out.


  • Poll: Trump leads ahead of New Hampshire's vote - about 22 hours ago
    • Although the post-debate sample size is too small to produce a separate estimate of the vote, interviews conducted Sunday and Monday found no drop in support for Rubio, and actually showed a slimmer margin between Trump and Rubio.

      There has been little movement in the last two days in the other metrics tested in the survey, with about two-thirds still saying they expect to see Trump win on Tuesday (64%), and about a third saying they would never vote for Trump (32%).

  • Luntz: Bloomberg can win the presidency | TheHill about 23 hours ago
    • In one match-up, Bloomberg receives 29 percent of the vote, compared to Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s 37 percent support and Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton’s 33 percent support.

      In a race against Clinton and Republican primary hopeful Ted Cruz, Bloomberg receives 28 percent of the vote, compared to Clinton’s 37 percent and Cruz’s 35 percent.

    • And in a scenario in which Republican primary hopeful Marco Rubio wins his party's nomination, Bloomberg receives 28 percent of the vote, compared to Rubio’s 38 percent and Clinton’s 35 percent.

    • The poll also finds that when either Trump or Cruz is the GOP nominee, Bloomberg draws more support from Republicans than from Democrats, winning 26 and 23 percent of GOP voters, respectively.

  • Bloomberg says he is eyeing 2016 run for the White House - about 23 hours ago
    • “I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters,” Mr Bloomberg said in an interview, before adding that the US public deserved “a lot better”.


    • Mr Bloomberg told the FT that he would need to start putting his name on ballots across the US at the beginning of March. “I’m listening to what candidates are saying and what the primary voters appear to be doing,” he said.
    • Highlighting the steep climb that Mr Bloomberg ​would ​probably ​face, a poll conducted by his own news organisation and the Des Moines Register ahead of the Iowa caucuses found that only nine per cent of Republicans had a favourable view of him, while 17 per cent of likely Democratic voters in the state ​had a favourable opinion.


  • Bush decries super PACs, would 'eliminate' Citizens United - on Feb 08, 16
    • "If I could do it all again I'd eliminate the Supreme Court ruling" Citizens United, Bush told CNN's Dana Bash. "This is a ridiculous system we have now where you have campaigns that struggle to raise money directly and they can't be held accountable for the spending of the super PAC that's their affiliate."

    • In order to overturn the court ruling, Bush has said he would seek a constitutional convention, where he would also push for term limits and balanced budget amendment.

    • "The ideal situation would be to overturn the Supreme Court ruling that allows for ... unregulated money for the independent and regulated for the campaign," the former Florida governor told a Luncheon in Nashua, New Hampshire. "I would turn that on its head if I could."

  • Bush: 'I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing’ | TheHill on Feb 08, 16
    • “My pledge to you: When I’m president I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing,” he told listeners at the Nashua Country Club in Nashua, N.H. "The day that I’m sworn into office, I’m on watch — whatever it is."

      “I am really tired of politicians that blame their predecessors,” the Republican White House hopeful added. "I have a personal kind of feeling about it having watched it for a while.
    • “I hope you want a president who actually accepts accountability and responsibility but also has the skills to fix the mess that exists. I hope you want a leader who’s focused like a laser beam on the mess in Washington, D.C.”

  • Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Rebuke Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders - The New York Times on Feb 08, 16
    • The numbers do show signs of softness. According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC/Marist College poll of Democratic voters in New Hampshire last week, 64 percent of women under the age of 45 supported Mr. Sanders, while only 35 percent backed Mrs. Clinton. By contrast, women over 45 backed Mrs. Clinton by nine percentage points.

  • Molly Ball: Young Liberal Women "Think Bernie Is The Better Feminist," "Hillary Is Only There Because Of Her Husband" | Video | RealClearPolitics on Feb 08, 16

    •  "I went to a Bernie Sanders rally on a college campus here in New Hampshire yesterday, and these women all say, I'm a feminist, I'm concerned about rape culture, I share all these liberal feminist views, and I think Bernie is the better feminist in the race."
       "They look at Hillary, I had one young woman say to me she thinks Hillary is only there because of here husband, and I want a strong independent woman [in the White House]. so there's a real scorching attitude against Hillary Clinton."

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