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  • When a Swimsuit Is a Security Threat - The New York Times about 5 hours ago
    • According to Europe’s highest court of human rights, Muslim women in head scarves and burqas are simultaneously victims, in need of a government savior, and aggressors, spreading extremism merely by appearing Muslim in public.
  • French police enforce burkini ban by ordering mum to remove Muslim garments on beach - Mirror Online about 5 hours ago
    • The Nice administration issued an order on Thursday banning swimwear with religious connotations, citing security concerns.

      Several other cities on France’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts have banned burkinis this summer.

    • In court in Nice on Monday judges upheld the ‘burkini ban’ in the resort of Villeneuve-Loubet – ruling that the female swimwear was liable to cause offence and to provoke people to violence.

  • As women are fined for wearing head scarves, French activists push back on 'burkini' ban - LA Times about 5 hours ago
    • Officials deem the burkini, which covers the body and head, to be a challenge to French values of secularism and gender equality and a threat to public safety after complaints and outbreaks of violence.
    • After a series of videos emerged on social media of women being fined for wearing not just the burkini but dress considered incompatible with France’s secular principles, the Council of State, the nation’s highest administrative body, is expected to rule on the burkini question Thursday after the French Human Rights League said the ban was illegal and an attack on basic freedoms.

    • In another incident, a woman who gave her name only as Siam contacted the news media to say she had been fined and ordered off a beach in Cannes because she was wearing a hijab.

  • Drive-By Media Salivate Over Trump "Softening" on Immigration - The Rush Limbaugh Show about 7 hours ago
    • And they're not finding anybody mad at him.  They're mad about that. 
    • The Drive-Bys thought for certain that they would.
    • They thought there was gonna be a mass protest against Trump.

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  • Rep. Steve King warns of 'mistake' if Trump changes on immigration - POLITICO about 8 hours ago
    • "When you balance that together, I think what it says is that if people are anticipating that there would be a deportation corps that would be deployed across this country, that softening means that's less likely," King acknowledged. "And he said, too, we have the police force out there. They know who people are. And let's work with local law enforcement. And they didn't say it in this interview. But in these sanctuary cities and enforcing the law, that will keep us busy for a long time."


    • And part of that is to enforce the laws that we have.
    • King was then pressed on whether allowing people to stay, even if they contribute to society and have been law abiding, would be "tantamount to amnesty."


      "I would say yes. And the reason is they're not law abiding in the first place. By crossing the border illegally, they're by definition criminals. And he has said he wants to remove the criminals in this country," King explained.

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  • Poll: Trump holds narrow lead over Clinton in Florida | TheHill about 9 hours ago
    • Trump is winning over independents by a double-digit margin, 47 percent to 26 percent, and he has a similar edge with male and white voters. Clinton leads among female voters and African-Americans by nearly 50 points and Hispanics by 10 points.

    • “The race between Clinton and Trump among Hispanics in Florida is closer than it is nationally,” said Monica Escaleras, the director of Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative. “Some of that is probably the Cuban vote. Trump’s support among Latinos in Florida is helping him stay competitive.”

    • In the Florida Senate race, Republican Sen. Marco RubioMarco RubioPoll: Trump holds narrow lead over Clinton in Florida Clinton enjoying edge over Trump in Silicon Valley The Trail 2016: Trump works to widen his appeal MORE is leading his likely Democratic opponent, Rep. Patrick Murphy, by 5 points, 44 percent to 39 percent.
  • Poll: Clinton vs. Trump (vs. Johnson vs. Stein?) – Election Tracking Blog about 13 hours ago
    • Historically, summertime polls that prompted for third party candidates grossly overstated their ultimate share of the vote. Polls that included Johnson and Stein in September 2012, for example, estimated their combined vote totals at levels varying between 4 and 7 percent; actual support for those candidates barely exceeded a single percentage point when all the votes were counted. Polls conducted in the summers of 2008, 2004 and 2000 that included third party choices exhibited very similar patterns, finding support that reached the high single digits yet melted away to just a percentage point or two on Election Day.


      Research conducted in 2014 also found that even in the final weeks before the election, polls that prompted for third party candidates tended to overstate their support.


      Earlier this summer, SurveyMonkey conducted an experiment which generally confirms that prompting for Johnson and Stein overstates their support. In early June, we split our sample into random thirds, offering voters either the two-way or four-way vote questions, or a third alternative that asked voters to choose between Clinton, Trump or “another candidate.” Those that opted for “another” were prompted to “specify” their preference by typing it in.


      Results for the two and four way questions were similar to current voter preferences. On the four-way vote, 9 percent chose Johnson and 5 percent selected Stein. When offered an unnamed alternative, 20 percent opted for “another” candidate, yet when we examined specific preferences just 2 percent had typed in Johnson or the Libertarian Party and just 1 percent typed Stein or the Green Party. More than twice as many (7 percent) typed in Bernie Sanders, who was still an active candidate at the time.

  • Predicting Turnout in an Unpredictable Race on Aug 23, 16
    • Fi­nally, think about the cam­paigns: One side ac­tu­ally has one; the oth­er has out­sourced its es­sen­tial func­tions to the Re­pub­lic­an Na­tion­al Com­mit­tee. If the race were to get close, hav­ing a full-fledged field or­gan­iz­a­tion could well make the dif­fer­ence of a point or 2 in crit­ic­al states.


  • What to Think About the Polls - The Rush Limbaugh Show on Aug 23, 16
    • COSTA: It's wider than any party.  I mean, it includes some Bernie Sanders supporters. It includes some libertarians.  The most important voter in this movement, uh, when I travel around the country, is the previously disengaged voter.  They're almost a nonpartisan voter, but they've given up not just on the political process, but they've disengaged from civic society. They don't really follow politics. If that's a real coherent voting block, then Trump -- regardless of the polls -- will have a shot in November -- and regardless of all the mistakes -- because that's a huge block.  There's so much of this country that rarely, if ever, votes, and if -- for some reason -- they come to the polls in droves, that changes everything.


  • Trump-Hillary Enthusiasm Gap Confounds the Experts - The Rush Limbaugh Show on Aug 23, 16
    • Robert Costa made in the Washington Post three weeks ago about the Trump base possibly made up of a whole bunch of people who have never voted or haven't voted in a long time and therefore are never polled. 


    • There's no way to find out. There's no way to poll them, 'cause polls are likely voters, registered voters, and they're not found.  
    • Call 'em the silent majority, the silent number or whatever.  We're gonna find in November just how many of them there are.  We're gonna find out in November how many of them show up and vote.  We're gonna find out a lot of things in November, 'cause I guarantee you these people are not being polled.  They're not being reached.  And in an even greater sense the people responsible for polling and the editors and producers of major media networks. They're not interested in these people. 


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