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  • Miss Universe Alicia Machado was accused of threatening to kill a judge in Venezuela  | Daily Mail Online about 1 hour ago
    • A month later the judge went on national television to allege that Machado had threatened to kill him if he indicted Sbert.

      Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor said on national television that she threatened 'to ruin my career as a judge and ... kill me', the Associated Press reported.

  • Clinton Bests Trump in Debate, Half of Likely Voters Say - Morning Consult about 3 hours ago
    • According to the survey of likely voters conducted immediately after the debate at Hofstra University, 49 percent of respondents said Clinton won the first bout with her GOP foe. About one-fourth (26 percent) thought the New York businessman edged the former secretary of State, and about the same percentage (25 percent) were undecided.


    • Just 9 percent of voters said the debate changed their minds about who they will be voting for
  • 2003 clip backs up Trump on Iraq War opposition | Fox News about 19 hours ago
    • Trump continued: “Perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet. And perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations.”
  • Trump Changes It All! You Can't See This Debate Through the Traditional Prism - The Rush Limbaugh Show about 21 hours ago
    • "How much have they got done? How much do they say they're gonna do? How much are their promises worth?" He's not judged that way.  He represents something entirely different, especially in the eyes of his supporters. Do you realize how much shock there is...? By the way, this is almost a replica of Republican Party primaries.  You can find stories all over this country where large and small news organizations assemble focus groups of anywhere from 12 to 42 people.


    • But I maintain to you a majority of people watching last night were not watching to see who won in traditional debate ways.  The people interested in this presidential election are not judging what they saw last night the way media spinmeisters are going to judge this and spin it.  I'll give you an example.  One of the early themes of the post-debate analysis last night no matter where you went... Fox News, CNN, PMSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, wherever you went, one of the early narratives was, "Oh, my God, I can't believe how much Trump was on the defensive. 


    • "Complaining." He was noticing no questions on Benghazi, on the Clinton Foundation, on speeches to the banks.  That's right, Donald. You're supposed to bring that up yourself.  You don't wait for the topic. You don't wait for the question to be asked.  You bring it up.  Benghazi? It was a hanging curveball.  The Clinton Crime Family Foundation? A hanging curveball. Earning $20 million in two years doing speeches to banks at 250 grand a pop? It was hanging curveball. It was right there whether Lester Holt mentioned or not. 


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  • You Have Entered the Donald Trump Zone - Washington Free Beacon about 20 hours ago
    • The first minutes of the debate were subdued. But very quickly Donald Trump reverted to form. He interrupted. He heckled. He boasted, exaggerated, delivered his miasma of phrase and verbiage. Many of the things he said were untrue or, as Trump put it, “semi-exact.” But he also struck to the theme of his candidacy: the political system is broken, and only an outsider, proven in the business world, can fix it. Throughout the debate Trump referred to Clinton’s long history on the public stage. He needled her, mocked her, and in some cases—trade most significantly—passionately made the case against the bipartisan consensus that has ruled foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Clinton displayed the qualities that have brought her to this point: detailed knowledge of policy, fluency in speech, polished delivery of canned attack lines (some more effective than others).


    • But he has a strategy. He is the outsider against the establishment. It’s the same play he made in the GOP primary. Trump would be the first president not to have held public office or been a general. He turned that fact into an asset because the Republican electorate so detests the status quo.


      Does the general electorate feel the same way? Trump must think so. Because he used this first presidential debate to present himself as the outsider, crusading against the elites who have been in power for decades.


      One must say he has the perfect foil. Hillary Clinton delivered her well-rehearsed lines well. But it is true that she has been in the public eye forever, for longer than some voters have been alive. And that she represents the current power structure at a time—the end of a second presidential term—when the electorate has historically opted for change.


    • I can’t make sense of it. The things one hates about Trump were omnipresent in the debate. And yet he has brought the race to an effective tie—so why would these things hurt him now? Trump offers plenty of material for comedians and snarky journalists. But one wonders how the debate will be interpreted in homes around the United States that do not normally figure in political calculations.


  • First Trump-Clinton debate is the most-watched debate of all time - POLITICO about 22 hours ago
    • The ratings put the debate in rare company. Of TV programs that drew an average of more than 80 million viewers, most were NFL Super Bowl broadcasts, with the others were the finales of M.A.S.H. and Cheers. Of course, the debate aired on a dozen TV networks and streamed online, whereas the Super Bowl and M.A.S.H. only aired on one channel each.

      The numbers do not include anyone watching on PBS, Univision or non-rated TV channels like C-SPAN, nor does it include anyone that streamed the debate online. Data from Facebook, YouTube and other digital sources suggests that millions more people watched the debate live online.

  • Debate breaks record as most-watched in U.S. history - Sep. 27, 2016 about 22 hours ago
    • The final numbers are still being tallied by Nielsen. But the debate averaged a total of 80.9 million viewers across 12 of the channels that carried it live.

    • Nor does the 80.9 million viewer total include PBS and C-SPAN. Ratings for PBS will be available later Tuesday.

    • Various live streams on YouTube together registered more than 2.5 million simultaneous viewers. Live streams on other sites also reached millions of people.

      This means the actual total audience is significantly higher than 80 million.

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  • Pat Caddell: Breitbart/Gravis Post-Debate Flash Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Won Slightly; Trump Gains 'Plausibility' - Breitbart about 23 hours ago
    • Trump won on the most critical factor, on whether Clinton or Trump was more ‘plausible’ as president, 46 percent to her 42 percent,” he said.


    • “I was really surprised by this–because it is usually a question that plays well with Democrats–‘Who showed that they care about people like you?’ Trump won that 49 percent to 44 percent for her,” he said.


  • Senator Ted Cruz On Last Night's Debate And His Endorsement Of Donald Trump « The Hugh Hewitt Show on Sep 27, 16
    • You know, the idea that they focus on the birther issue, I find thoroughly amusing, because unless you are in a college faculty hall, or the newsroom of a major newspaper, I don’t think there are a whole lot of voters in this country that give a flying flip about the birther issue.
    • If I were being political, I would have endorsed Donald Trump back in Cleveland at the convention. That was the obvious political thing to do.
  • Why Ted Cruz, of all people, was so quick to defend Donald Trump’s debate performance - The Washington Post on Sep 27, 16
    • Cruz isn't on the ballot this November. He could be going out of his way to bash Clinton with an eye on the next presidential election: If Trump loses, it's a good bet Cruz will run for president in 2020 — against none other than Clinton.

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