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Olivier Le Deuff

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marin dacos

Wikipédia:Créer un bot — Wikipédia

"Les robots ou bots sont des contributeurs particuliers de Wikipédia puisqu’ils interagissent selon des processus automatiques ou semi-automatiques. Cet article vous expliquera comment dresser votre propre bot pour l’utiliser sur Wikipédia."

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marin dacos

citoid - MediaWiki

"The citoid node.js service generates citation data given a URL, DOI, PMID, or PMCID. It has a companion extension, Citoid, which aims to provide use of the citoid service to VisualEditor. It is currently deployed in all VisualEditor-enabled WMF-Wikis,[1] though the extension is only configured on a few of them.[2]"

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Christophe Deschamps

File converter

Logiciel de conversion audio video

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Isabelle Jones

About the School | Nobel

RT @Gtlanguages: Looking for a great team to work with in a vibrant MFL department? Teacher of MFL required #MFLchat #tes…

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