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  • Diigo In Education
  • Practical, Easy, Indispensable...

    Alexander Kassios
  • For a person who is doing research, this tool is a life saver!

    Honson Luma
  • Useful,highly versatile curation masterpiece

    Robert Metras
  • Diijo makes curated content rock!

    Richard May
  • Diigo is my go-to tool for online research across multiple devices.

    Trent Sherrell
  • Research has become hopeless without Diigo. It is a must for anyone collecting info from the web.

    Edward Trentham
  • Really great tool - I use it all the time. BEST tool of that kind on the web...

    Thomas Eichberger
  • Use it every day. Across Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Windows, Android. My research, my notes, my highlights always there, no question.

    Scott Linford
  • Diigo makes my daily research more efficient. No more copying, pasting, saving of random documents I will never see. Being able to add metadata makes future search so helpful. The highlighting function? Essential.

    Karen Petruska
  • Best thing since bookmark

    Eric Chong
  • I'd be lost without this extension, and I can't imagine any higher praise than that!

    Steve Thompson
  • I truly love this app. It's one of the few that has stood the test of time. I've been using it for years

    Brent Baltzer
  • Such a great product! I can't function properly without diigo!

    Daniel Moss
  • I used lots of bookmarking web sites, but diigo is far above

    Nono Rdinateur
  • Great tool! Indispensable for my information management workflow

    Joachim Scholz
  • If I could, I would give Diigo 10 stars! Now Chrome has more of the Diigo features I came to know and love in FF! WoW

    CK Luther
  • My entire internet experience has been immensely improved because of Diigo! I always highlight and make notes when I read, making reading extensively online somewhat difficult for me. This solves that problem! Love it.

    Tonisha Kearney-Ramos
  • Absolutely fabulous. I have been using Diigo from inception - Has grown strength to strength

    Kosher Kleaners
  • Just when I think it can't get any better! The best bookmarking/annotation tool out there. Brilliant, unique concepts with stellar execution. Well done!

    Jennifer Hageman
  • Been using for the last 8 months to highlight/manage medical research. Perfect for the new age of information overload!

    Jeff Naifeh
  • This is an absolutely WOW tool. I don't know how I managed to surf the net without Diigo for so many years!

    Kiriti Ray
  • Most awesome! I love this tool. I've been looking for a simple web highlighter for a while. Not only is this a simple highlighter, there are a ton of bonus features including bookmarking/read later, tagging/keywords, lists/categories, notes/annotations, and a BIG bonus: the social/sharing features. Great job and kudos to the dev team. Keep it up.

    Scott Fleckenstein
  • I really loved and I think its will really help me with my ADHD issues to keep note for my self and bookmark what I want to read later using notes I believe it is very helpful and it deserve 7 stars (out of 5)

    Mohammed Talal
  • I've used Diigo over the last few years for personal and group settings with co-workers. I consider this the best tool for sharing and collaborating website information. Great tool!

    Matt Herndon
  • This is an awesome tool. so much better than bookmarking and trying to remember why I bookmarked it. This way I can make a note to remind myself why i tagged it.

    Omar Abdelrehim
  • Diigo is the best bookmarker and highlighter. Amazing!

    Reza Fathzadeh
  • Brilliant tool. Efficient and effective, highlighting and caching are great along with good tags and bookmarking - perfect for research and information cataloging, and article horders...

    Xavier Ureta Buxeda
  • Would find it hard to manage without this - an essential part of my browsing experience now. Particularly like the highlighter tool to create my own summaries of useful pages/info, and the personal/public options for tagged content in Diigo.

    Steve Archbold
  • Goodbye bookmarks! This is a great capture tool although library features such as drag and drop would be nice. This tool is really well thought out and extremely practical. Keep the features coming!

    Dwaine Kamm
  • I have been using Diigo for the last 5 years. It has been my constant companion on a lot of my "internet" trips of exploration. The Highlighting option is of great value and helps me reach necessary information much faster.

    Rahul Saluja
  • Being organized takes time. Diigo helps me save much of that time. A must have plugin/web app.

    Al Tucker
  • Diigo is so intuitive that it just fit into my workflow, like a perfectly balanced knife, it gets the job done and it feels good in my hand, fits in so well, that I don't even notice it's there.  I've tried a lot of apps and this one does what it's supposed to do.

    Robert Rasmussen
  • I really feel like Diigo is the best Web collector, Capture, and Annotative tool on the web. I know there are others out there but none that I have found have the ease of use, the productivity capabilities or the Look & Feel that Diigo has! You guys have made yet another set of improvements that have made Diigo even better! I truly didn't think that was possible! Great job folks!! You have changed my academic, professional and personal experience with the Internet, forever! So grateful and completely satisfied with your service! Keep up the great work!

    Gary Rae
  • Love it! Very useful app to remember all important thighs on the Web!

    Roman Belyaev
  • Cool, quick, efficient & effective: highly user-friendly.

    Kenneth Parsons
  • Diigo is awesome! It's great for those who are working on research projects or have multiple computers to work from; very helpful for just storing your bookmarks, too. One of the best features is read later button so that you don't stop to read and get your flow interrupted!

    Maria Hernandez
  • Mobile favourites on steroids,in the cloud.

    Your own personal knowledge-base that you can share and take everywhere you go!

    Googling for something and half an hour later still reading off track links you followed .....

    This is the cure .. flag as read later.

    Stewart Harris
  • There is so much information on the web, but unless you can distill and catalog that information the knowledge gained becomes quickly obsolete. This tool solves that problem in a very intuitive, easy-to-use way. This is a must have for anyone using the Internet to better themselves.

    ~John Cooper
  • I have used them all, and stick to Diigo as my reliable and smart bookmark aggregator. It's one of the first tools I install on any device, and it's one of the software tools that I like to recommend to my friends who are serious about research.  The highlighting feature alone makes Diigo worth using. The ability to tag and store countless web page locations and the notes features makes ordinary note-taking obsolete.

    Charles Goodall
  • I switched to Diigo when Delicious went down the tubes and I have never looked back. Diigo is better in every way.

    Todd Zimmerman
  • Seamless access across devices alone is worth it but the tools and additional resources makes this my bookmark strategy of choice.

    Seth Goodman
  • Excellent, I can't live without it now! Beats bookmarking by browsers in every way.

    Rodney Stinson
  • A convenient way to expedite the research process!

    Shannon Keigher
  • Excellent tool. Very useful for my teaching and pursuing my own interests.

    Graham Wright
  • Always getting better. Excellent overall; clearly designed by people who get how research is done....and by the way, it just works. Thanks

    Raul Flores, Jr.
  • There are surprisingly very few pieces of kit that I find continually useful as a researcher and copywriter. Diigo seems to be tailoring its extensions specifically for what I do - amazing extension and a gateway into a whole new world of researching and bookmarking. 5/5, definitely.

    ~Jason Darrell
  • Been a paid customer of Diigo's for over a year, now. It is a very useful addition to my research tools, and at this point it would be difficult to find an acceptable replacement. Thanks to all of those at Diigo for creating one of my favorite apps. The latest update (7.11.13) is fantastic. Thank you for continuing to improve Diigo.

    Geary Hughes
  • Diigo is so useful for managing information on the web whether it's for education or work or hobbies. It works smoothly and in a natural way in that everything you might need is already thought of and available. Really a quality product; thanks Diigo!

    Slinky Cat
  • This is an awesome tool. so much better than bookmarking and trying to remember why i bookmarked it. This way i can make a note to remind myself why i tagged it.

    Omar Abdelrehim
  • Plain and simply, the Chrome extension I use most -- probably more than all others combined. It does what you've always wished "bookmarks" could do, and far more...

    Justin du coeur
  • I cannot thank enough! This is exactly what I would have ever wanted from an app to make the learning process easier.  Love all the features!

    Nagendra Gupta
  • The developers are sincerely devoted to understanding how researchers work, collect and organize--and this application shows it. I love when a software tool feels natural and intrinsic to the platform. Diigo anticipates needs and is simple but powerful. KUDOS x a million!

    Ashley Dowsley
  • This is where I store all my must reads, critical info, and just in time knowledge. The search feature is super cool also especially since I am a document pack-rat.

    David Palme
  • Perfect tool for the disorganized and care-free.

    Jason Pollock
  • Brilliant and Simple

    Vinit Shah
  • Great extension; which provides me a peace of mind, and confidence so when I save an internet link, my internet link accessible to me on any computer I utilize.

    Charlton Buck
  • An essential tool. Keeps getting better!

    Harlan Howe
  • This is a number 1 extension in my book. I recommend it to all.

    Alan Chattaway
  • As an avid user of Diigo for at least five year, I can say it just keeps getting better. It's amazing and one of my top 5 favorite curation tools.

    Joquetta Johnson
  • I am using this app for more than two years. perfect for everyone to record their thought and bookmark internet content of interest.  Thanks for such an efficient app.  It helped me in one researched project. very easy to use.

    Satendra Desai
  • Perfect app. It helps me to bookmark anything, wherever I am. At work, home etc. Just love it. Love!! <3

    Themis Taynah
  • Without a doubt the ability to research and retrieve information is my niche and so I have no hesitation in awarding Diigo Web Collector five Bold gold stars

    Andrew Speers
  • The Diigo bookmark system is very easy to use; combined with the Chrome extension, I can save documents to read later (either public or private folders) while keeping fewer tabs open, using fewer resources! I've recommended this system to my colleagues!

    - Lisa Raymond, Creative Director, Deseyner's Eye Creations & Visibly Media

    As a researcher and curious knowledge-hound...this is the best way for me to keep track of everything I read and learn

    Anthony Perez
  • 1. Performs a number important functions.

    2. Is extremely simple to use.

    3. Does what it says it will do.

    4. Rapidly changes from a "useful tool on the net" to become integral part of one's browsing habits

    5. After using the app daily over the past 2 years or so, I don't see how anyone would not use it

    6. What's not to like?

    Terence O'Connor
  • I work with a group of researchers and we find this an excellent tool to not only share and annotate online content, but also create annotated bibliographies

    Jennie Phillips
  • I use Diigo all the time and after a year, couldn't go back to life without it. They're always adding features, improving functionality, and encouraging further suggestions. It's an incredible tool for keeping track of any kind of information, with an easy to navigate library of what you've saved. This extension has always worked without a hitch for me and speeds up the process.

    Azure Alexander
  • I moved to this from Delicious; and have stuck with it. It's super-reliable, easy to use, and I can share bookmarks with my students on certain topics. And, when I get a new computer, my bookmarks and annotations are still right there.

    Warrick Wynne
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this extension! It makes it so easy to quickly bookmark and share relevant links with my coworkers. I love that I can arrange and share only what I want and am able to get at my bookmarks quickly!

    Sarah Shagam
  • Most versatile social bookmarking tool

    Philip Vinogradov
  • This is the best web app I have ever used. Love it!

    Brenda Hegler
  • I truly love this app. It's one of the few that has stood the test of time. I've been using it for years and I hope it continues to improve!

    Brent Baltzer
  • amazing app -- used it for years to highlight stuff online

    David Hathaway
  • this actualization is perfect to foster collaborative learning

    beatriz pazos lago
  • Such a great product! I can't function properly without diigo!

    Daniel Moss
  • Perfect tool for the disorganized and care-free.

    Jason Pollock
  • I use this every day to organize all my many interests. Thanks for such a great app!

    Diane Nemea Laessig