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Hari Crewe

Hari Crewe's Public Library

Oct 10, 11

As a result the character gets futzed with constantly. As I’ve said before the only thing wrong with Wonder Woman is that they keep trying to fix her. I think they are up to the seventh writer in 6 years (Rucka, [Allan] Heinberg, [Jodi] Picoult, Simone, JMS [J. Michael Straczynski], [Phil] Hester, [Brian] Azzarello). That’s ridiculous. And that’s also three different versions of the character. They rebooted with Heinberg. Reboot with JMS and are rebooting again with Azzarello. I hope this is the last time because it is hard to create momentum and an audience for a character this way. If I could wish anything for Wonder Woman if would be for a top DC creator or editor to wake up and be besotted with her, understand her and be given free reign to make her the success I think she can be.

Oct 07, 11

More generally, do the writing tutors of the world really think we should not report that a politician has been shot until we can specify the gunman? Do they honestly think it’s wrong to say that the lights are left on all night in an office building without supplying a list of the individuals who controlled the switches? We really have to get over this superstitious horror about passives. It’s gone beyond a joke.

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