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Gerhard Stoltz

Gerhard Stoltz's Public Library

  • Serbian air defenders planned to move after every engagement, successful or not. The launch of an anti-radiation missile, which “rides the radar” beam back to the radar, was the signal for the surface-to-air missile battery to abandon any shots in the air, shut down, pack up, and move before a NATO aircraft showed up. Radar systems that stayed in place too long because they were broken, dug in, or just had unwise operators were hunted down and killed by the F-15E. Serbian air defenders stayed alive by radiating little and moving much — all of which impaired their ability to defend their airspace.
  • the garrison is constructed in such a way to maximize the ability to drive off the facility to a dispersal location. Of the radar and support vehicles visible, only the radar mounted on the mast would remain 10 minutes after an order to move was received, and the mast would be underway within 90.

  • Reports in the press and on activist web sites state that dozens of people are being pre-emptively arrested by police under the terms of the state of emergency in France as they set off to join protests against the El Khomri law. Two people in the Belleville area of Paris were stopped by police and saw in the policemen's affairs lists of mugshots, including theirs. They were taken to the police station until the end of the demonstration.

  • He never extended to his opponents the courtesy of believing them merely mistaken, or misinformed, or even stupid. In an emergency, such a courtesy is meaningless. He knew them by their deeds and he knew them to be malicious.
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