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  • Since keyword volume and CPC bid estimates vary wildly based on your budget, bid, location, and other factors, it’s important that you provide Google with some information to customize your estimates.

  • The position 1 bid headroom AdWords script can help keep the discrepancy between your maximum and average costs in check.

  • to reach your goals first write them down, and then determine different possible ways of achieving them.
  • Then, close your eyes and imagine yourself following those paths. Imagination “warms up” the action brain and “jump starts” your brain.  This technique can be especially helpful if you are procrastinating or stuck.

  • With this in mind, the best time for a man to have his first   PSA test is when he’s young and not even terribly

    For men with low PSA levels   (between 1 and 3), any increase is alarming,” warns Carter.   Increases as small as 0.2 ng/ml a year were a predictor of death from   prostate cancer.

    worried about prostate cancer, “about 35 to 40 years of age, when   he is unlikely to have benign prostatic enlargement.

    • So before you start working on your test hypothesis, you first have to do two things:

      1. Determine your conversion goal
      3. Identify a problem and formulate a problem statement
  • Conversion goal:
  • Problem statement:

  • 2.  Keyword Performance Report


    This is another handy script from the Google scripts tutorial.  It provides you with a quick breakdown of keyword statistics segmented by both Quality Score and Average Position.  It allows you to swiftly examine CTR, Cost, and Count of Keywords based on position and Quality Score.  Again, you’ll want to modify the “Recipient Email” field so that the report is emailed to you correctly.  This is the result:

  • the more comprehensive metrics to optimize for are profit, profit by click, and profit by impression.

  • Arrays have 0-based indexing, so we start counting the positions from 0.

  • A Negative Broad Match keyword will ONLY block queries including the exact spelling and punctuation of the term you have entered as a negative.

  • Every for loop makes use of a counting variable.

  • building an attribution model around data that simply tells  marketers what an interaction is worth is likely too simple an approach. By  resorting to a myopic view, businesses miss key opportunities to connect with  consumers.
  • most consumers don’t just magically decide to buy what brands are selling  after one simple interaction
  • But these models—specifically, those that look at individual conversions—often  underwhelm. For one, they’re incomplete. They don’t take into account the  entire customer journey.

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  • AdWords Attribution Models allow us to understand how PPC campaigns interact with each other, while Analytics Attribution Models allows us to understand how multi-channels interact with each other during the conversion path.
  • Analytics is able to show multi-channel interactions
  • As you see on the last line, there is no difference on the total conversions between each model. This is because with Attribution Models within AdWords, you are only able to see how your AdWords campaigns interacted with each other

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    • I define programmatic buying as the application of artificial intelligence and big data to:

        • Bid on an advertising inventory source (e.g. a 300x250 IAB standard ad offered by Yahoo!, a 30 second pre-roll video from, a Facebook ad)
        • Through an advertising exchange
        • In real time
        • For the opportunity to: 
          • show one specific ad
          • to one anonymous consumer
          • in one context
          • on one device
  • An example of HPB would be to bid a fixed amount of $6.00 on any visitor that's been on an advertiser's website in the last 30 days.
  • An example of AIB would be to autonomously score each impression using predictive analytics and bid a dynamic amount based on a complex formula involving thousands of factors, including whether the visitor had been on the advertiser's website in the last 30 days, the weather, geography, time of day, etc. The bidding formula itself and the subsequent optimization decisions have been derived by algorithmic processes, versus being specified by human input."

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