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Free Upgrades to Diigo Education Edition:

There are two Diigo education offerings:

  • A) School / IT administrators: qualify your domain as Diigo Education domain here »

    Once approved, all new users with your school email domain who signed up at Diigo will be automatically set as Diigo basic edu accounts. Teachers / staff in your school can further upgrade their account to Diigo Educator account with a school master educator upgrade code.
    (Note: Diigo Education Domain is intended only for school / district administrator who has the authority over their school domain apps implementation and is planning to roll out Diigo to the entire school.)
  • B) Teachers: upgrade your own account to Diigo Educator account here » . (Why upgrade ?)

Why Diigo?

Diigo is a powerful online research tool and collaborative research platform that integrates several key technologies, including social bookmarking, web annotation, tagging, and group-based collaboration, to enable a whole new process of online knowledge management and participatory learning in the 21st century.

Diigo provides several apps/extensions, so you can collect everything or use Diigo for a specific purpose.

Once equipped with these extensions/apps, you can:

Collect Everything

- Bookmark and archive webpages - Annotate webpages with highlights & sticky notes - Save notes or to-dos using our slick Quick Note app - Capture and Annotate Screenshot

Find Fast

- Organize your digital items by types, tags, and lists - Search by tags, titles or full-text

Easily Share

- Share one item or a whole collection as a list - Form groups of people to collaboratively pool resources - Share your findings, complete with your annotations, by email, RSS feed, twitter, permalink, widget, etc.

Access Anywhere

- your digital library can be accessed and searched from any computer, - and also from free downloadable apps on iPhone, iPad (, and Android (

Diigo is a great enabler for active reading, project-based learning, and better collaboration, particularly with respect to:

  • how students and teachers acquire, research and organize information;
  • how students can engage in active and critical reading online;
  • how teachers and students can engage each other collaboratively in reading, researching, interpreting, and critiquing information;
  • how students can work effectively as a team, in project-based learning, that requires the team to acquire, analyze and synthesize information from a variety of resources;

What educators are saying about Diigo:

“Truly a unique and transformative tool ~ Diigo has the potential to change the ways in which we mentor all our students”

“Diigo fosters discussion and encourages active, critical reading .. the most efficient way I have discovered to share content and commentary.”

“Diigo Groups are a phenomenal tool for building, maintaining, and contributing to a professional learning network as they tap into the collective intelligence of the network by allowing many users to share resources and annotations with the group.”

Note: all resources above are written and compiled by educators. Big thanks to the authors!