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Howard Rheingold

Station identification, May 2019 | Bryan Alexander

Station identification, May 2019:

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Howard Rheingold
Drawing inception... #nostos #unflattening 2
Howard Rheingold

Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston | The New Yorker

In the past three days, I've devoured Fleabag, this preview to @jiatolentino's new book, and Pollan's 'How to Change Your Mind,' and I'm on the cusp of the kind of mental breakdown that's actually a gift.

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Howard Rheingold

I built a Twitter list of climate scientists at

I built a Twitter list of climate scientists at and it is very busy talking about a major tornado threat. Hope it works out OK for my friends in Oklahoma.

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Howard Rheingold

Curation as an Educational Challenge | Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog

"The big questions we are pondering are about our responsibility, as educators, of

(1) being aware of curation (What is it? What are strategies? What is the urgency to bring curation into the classroom?)
(2) curating as an integral part of our own “NOW skills and literacies”?
(3) gaining skills and fluency in the use of current curation tools and platforms
(4) embedding curation skills in our current curriculum/subject area/ grade levels"

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Howard Rheingold

Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) | Twitter

Want instant news radars on topics from computer vision to climate and weather to autonomous vehicles? Try one of Scoble's Twitter lists. Connect one to and you have a daily briefing from a panel of experts.

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Howard Rheingold

The Birth of the Information Age: How Paul Otlet’s Vision for Cataloging and Connecting Humanity Shaped Our World – Brain Pickings

"Decades before Alan Turing pioneered computer science and Vannevar Bush imagined the web, a visionary Belgian idealist named Paul Otlet (August 23, 1868–December 10, 1944) set out to organize the world’s information. For nearly half a century, he worked unrelentingly to index and catalog every significant piece of human thought ever published or recorded, building a massive Universal Bibliography of 15 million books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, posters, museum pieces, and other assorted media. "

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Howard Rheingold
AAAAAGH can't believe what I just did. But glad I caught it. Was about to write "according to his research, [&then what happened]" but decided to CONFRONT MY BIAS and look up the first name of the researcher. LOUISE will now be getting an "according t
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