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Mathieu Plourde

ABC Learning Design – Sprint design your courses and programs in just 90 minutes

"ABC enables programme and module teams rapidly to develop a storyboard visualising the learner journey based on their activities through the course of study. The method is non-prescriptive and builds from the participants’ existing practice but can be used to identify opportunities for blended learning, to review assessment and feedback and align the programme to wider institutional priorities"

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Mathieu Plourde

Enterprises are preparing to build their own LLMs - why that's a smart move

"Fortunately, "construction of such specialized models is far easier and inexpensive as compared to the development of foundational models," said Vin. "In fact, the relative ease of specializing foundational LLMs, which are broad-AI models, to create purpose-specific AI models and solutions is the primary reason for the democratization of AI.""

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Mathieu Plourde

Identifying Plagiarism

"Preventing academic misconduct is always better than policing it.

But, sometimes you notice a problem and wonder if the work you are marking was really created by or fully authored by the student who submitted it.

It is your responsibility, according to the academic misconduct regulations to follow up judiciously with your concerns."

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