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Ed Webb
  • the artificial intelligence (AI) industry is heading for an energy crisis
  • what energy breakthrough is Altman banking on? Not the design and deployment of more sustainable AI systems — but nuclear fusion. He has skin in that game, too: in 2021, Altman started investing in fusion company Helion Energy in Everett, Washington.

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Ed Webb
  • Some Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, are increasingly restricting the U.S. from using military facilities on their soil to launch retaliatory airstrikes on Iranian proxies
  • The U.S. has long deployed thousands of troops at facilities in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and elsewhere in the Middle East, and the Arab countries’ role in supporting U.S. military activities has come under intensified scrutiny since the Israel-Hamas war that erupted in October.

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Graham Perrin

APOD: 2024 February 25 – A Phoenix Aurora over Iceland

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Graham Perrin
  • Petition to ban this guy for spamming the reddit full with basic questions
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