Teacher, learner, troublemaker. Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Studies, Dickinson College, PA, USA. Specialist in the Middle East including Turkey. Former British diplomat. Member of the NITLE Advisory Board.

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  • Letters on Egypt about 21 hours ago
  • The clown prince: Muhammad bin Salman's plans for Saudi Arabia on Feb 03, 16
  • Dispatch: Bahrain Newspapers Sign Restrictive "Charter of Press Ethics" - Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain on Feb 03, 16
    • should any paper be found “offending religious beliefs or moral values or defamation or discrimination against individuals or groups in society,” the basis of which remains subject to the IAA’s discretion, the editor in question will be held in violation of the law. The charter also bans the publishing of any content that could “prejudice the interests of Islamic, Arab, and friendly states,” largely limiting journalists’ ability to criticize any country the government deems an ally.
    • The Charter of Press Ethics in Bahrain represents another step towards the full criminalization of dissent in Bahrain. Notably, the charter seemingly codifies the 2012 Press Code of Ethics released by the Bahraini Journalists Association, and provides yet another mechanism to censor the country’s limited independent press
  • Middle East still rocking from first world war pacts made 100 years ago | World news | The Guardian on Feb 03, 16
  • Propaganda MonitorMiddle East Archives - Propaganda Monitor on Feb 03, 16
  • Why I Missed My Daughter’s First Words to Cover the Arab Spring | TIME on Feb 03, 16
    • At the time, journalists couldn’t help but think that Tunisia was only the beginning. With success in Egypt, the Arab world’s largest country, it was only a matter of time before tyranny would be a thing of the past in the Middle East. Already protests were rumbling in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Syria, we thought, would not be far behind.
    • A week later I was on a flight to Manama, the capital of the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, and arrived just in time to see a brutal government crackdown on the Pearl Roundabout — that city’s answer to Tahrir Square. This time there was no people’s victory. That night security forces used live fire as well as tear gas, killing seven people. Photographer Yuri Kozyrev and I rushed to the hospital to be greeted by scenes of panic and mayhem. “When you meet a Bahraini,” I wrote my daughter, “you will realize just how shocking it must have been. [They were] unprepared for violence. One man told me today, ‘We are Bahrainis. We are afraid of blood.’”
    • There was no other moment in the Arab uprisings as pure and euphoric as the night Mubarak stepped down in Egypt. The brutal crackdowns of Bahrain, the grinding agony of Yemen, the carnage of Syria and the horrors of Libya have all served as powerful antidotes to hope. Egypt’s experiences after the revolution — the election of the divisive Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and the subsequent military coup — offer lessons in unintended consequences. So too does the rise of ISIS, the expansion of terrorism across northern Africa and an unprecedented global refugee crisis.
  • “Bandage Me Quickly!” The Death of a Journalist in Yemen on Feb 03, 16
  • Rewriting history in Syria and Israel are two sides of a coin | The National on Jan 30, 16
  • Israel, Mired in Ideological Battles, Fights on Cultural Fronts - The New York Times on Jan 30, 16
    • Miri Regev, the divisive and conservative minister of culture and sport, who wants to deny state money to institutions that do not express “loyalty” to the state, including those that show disrespect for the flag, incite racism or violence, or subvert Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
    • For one well-known poet, Meir Wieseltier, the law “brings us closer to the rise of fascism and exposes its true face.” But Isi Leibler argued in The Jerusalem Post that the government is “not obliged to subsidize the demonization of the nation” and should instead support “the inculcation of love of Israel.”
    • such conflicts, over what cultural works the state should promote for schoolchildren to read or for citizens to see and hear, is part of a political drama in which the politicians of a new generation are jockeying for position as leader of the so-called nationalist camp

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  • Social Media Made the Arab Spring, But Couldn't Save It | WIRED on Jan 29, 16
    • Activists were able to organize and mobilize in 2011 partly because authoritarian governments didn’t yet understand very much about how to use social media
    • governments have also become adept at using those same channels to spread misinformation. “You can now create a narrative saying a democracy activist was a traitor and a pedophile,” says Anne Applebaum, an author who directs a program on radical political and economic change at the Legatum Institute in London. “The possibility of creating an alternative narrative is one people didn’t consider, and it turns out people in authoritarian regimes are quite good at it.”
    • “The activists’ accounts on Twitter and Facebook are very active and they have a lot of followers, but they cannot drive masses,”

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