Teacher, learner, troublemaker. Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Studies, Dickinson College, PA, USA. Specialist in the Middle East including Turkey. Former British diplomat. Member of the NITLE Advisory Board.

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  • Clamping down with law and order will not be enough | Le blog de Thomas Piketty on Nov 25, 15
  • How She Wants to Modify Muslims by Max Rodenbeck | The New York Review of Books on Nov 25, 15
  • Inside the surreal world of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine - The Washington Post on Nov 24, 15
    • the most potent propaganda machine ever assembled by a terrorist group
    • Camera crews fan out across the caliphate every day, their ubiquitous presence distorting the events they purportedly document. Battle scenes and public beheadings are so scripted and staged that fighters and executioners often perform multiple takes and read their lines from cue cards
    • a media division dominated by foreigners — including at least one American, according to those interviewed — whose production skills often stem from previous jobs they held at news channels or technology companies

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  • Karl reMarks: The Torn Identity: A Tale of Hollywood and Beirut on Nov 24, 15
  • Islamophobia is an American Tradition | loonwatch.com on Nov 21, 15
  • Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It - The New York Times on Nov 20, 15
  • Former Drone Operators Say They Were “Horrified” By Cruelty of Assassination Program on Nov 20, 15
  • Mapped: Where Airstrikes in Syria Are Targeting Medical Workers | Foreign Policy on Nov 19, 15
  • Anonymous vs. the Islamic State | Foreign Policy on Nov 19, 15
  • Should Obama bomb the Islamic State? Ask Congress first. - The Washington Post on Nov 18, 15

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    Resources about Sidibouzid and current Tunisian riots from all countries.<br />Hashtag twitter to show : #sidibouzid or #jasminrevolt #arabspringArticles about current arabic revolutions : Algeria, Egypt (#jan25), Jordan, Libya,...

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