Teacher, learner, troublemaker. Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Studies, Dickinson College, PA, USA. Specialist in the Middle East including Turkey. Former British diplomat. Member of the NITLE Advisory Board.

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  • Obama’s next earthquake - The Washington Post about 9 hours ago
  • Social media helps dictators, not just protesters - The Washington Post about 14 hours ago
    • In a recent article (ungated), I document the co-option of social media by governments in Russia, China, and the Middle East, and find four different ways in which they have begun to use social media to prolong their rule.
    • social media is increasingly being used to actually boost regime stability and strength, transforming it from an obstacle to government rule into another potential tool of regime resilience
    • social media is becoming a safe and relatively cheap way for rulers to discover the private grievances and policy preferences of their people

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  • Saudi Arabia’s long history of destructive intervention in Yemen | Middle East Eye about 15 hours ago
    • With its mosaic of religious communities countering the Wahhabi call, cultural, tribal and historical ties to Saudi realms on its border, deep historical memory of civilizational achievement, and strategic location, Yemen was perceived as both threat and target. Keeping it split among political entities was a policy priority.
    • Subsidies to northern tribes were often another feature of the relationship
    • During Ali Abdullah Saleh’s years in charge in Sanaa Saudi cultural influence developed through Salafi proselytization. While it would be incorrect to reduce Salafism in Yemen to a Saudi implant, the Saudi connection is crucial to the spread of radical Sunni ideology and practice

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  • Yemen and Iran: What's really going on? about 16 hours ago
    • it may be true that members of Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard are  "embedded" in Yemen. Or it may not.  Until the Saudis produce the evidence they claim to possess,  we only have their word for it.
    • Iranian involvement in Yemen also has to be judged alongside the involvement of other players. In that regard, Saudi Arabia's meddling in Yemen, over a long  period, has been – and still is – far more persistent and pervasive than that of any other country, including Iran. The recent ICG report also points out that the beleaguered Yemeni president (or perhaps  ex-president now) Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his allies are more dependent on Riyadh than the Houthis are on Tehran.
    • in terms of fighting on the ground, Iran is not the Houthis' most important ally; former president Ali Abdullah Saleh is

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  • Did I mention this is over a basketball game? And on Mar 29, 15

    Did I mention this is over a basketball game? And that the crowd's team WON? These fucking people make me sick.

  • I bought a vinyl copy of Sandinista - daughter had on Mar 29, 15

    I bought a vinyl copy of Sandinista - daughter had never seen a record before. "How did you skip to the next track?"

  • Speaking of Kracauer RT Human Statue of Liberty: on Mar 29, 15

    Speaking of Kracauer @NeinQuarterly RT@VeryOldPics Human Statue of Liberty: 18,000 men were used for photo. Iowa,1918 http://t.co/VTIsaD2vuy

  • How Yemen's US-backed ex-dictator is tearing his country apart - Telegraph on Mar 29, 15
    • For years, the Americans saw President Ali Abdullah Saleh as a key ally in the fight against al-Qaeda. He allowed his air bases to be used by US drones to strike at the movement’s operatives, and gladly received Western aid in development cash and arms supplies.

    • Yet according to claims in a United Nations report last month, one of the first things Mr Saleh did when his three-decade rule was threatened by the 2011 Arab Spring was strike a secret deal to give an entire southern province to al-Qaeda. The more he could portray Yemen as falling into militant hands, he calculated, the more the West want to keep him in office at all costs.
    • While Tehran has denied any involvement, one person who is undoubtedly helping the Houthis is Mr Saleh. Having fought tooth and nail against the Houthis himself during his time in power, he has now joined their side, instructing cronies and relatives in the army to join forces with the rebels. Thus has a small local rebellion become a nationwide civil war - and thus has the wily Mr Saleh maneouvred himself back into the centrestage of power

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  • The Gaza fisherman who built his own reef - and was shot dead there by an Israeli gunboat - Middle East - World - The Independent on Mar 29, 15
  • Turkish Parliament Expands Police Powers and Cracks Down on Demonstrations - NYTimes.com on Mar 29, 15

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