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  • Update: Journalists issue response to security forces’ storming of the Journalists Syndicate | Mada Masr about 6 hours ago
  • Giulio, the islands and national security | Mada Masr about 8 hours ago
    • The security logic seems to suggest that one cannot be sure that a researcher working on Islamic endowments in the 15th century isn’t really a spy — he might be looking for maps of Siwa, Halayib and Shalatin, the Yaghbub Oasis, or Tiran and Sanafir. Since we have border disputes with all our neighbors, not only can you not copy maps related to any border issue, you can’t conduct research on any topic vaguely connected to borders.

    • The security logic doesn’t stop at maps and borders. It casts suspicion on every topic. An Egyptian colleague working on Mamluk history was denied a research permit. An American colleague was denied a permit for a project on the history of private presses in the 19th century. A student of mine studies the history of the Labor Corps during World War I; his permit was also rejected
    • The official’s response (I paraphrase) was:

      Here’s someone studying the history of irrigation, and we have a dispute with Ethiopia over the Nile waters. We have no doubt that this student is honest and isn’t a spy, but how can we be sure that his thesis won’t fall into malicious hands, that it won’t contain information that could harm us — for example, info about Ethiopia’s right to the Nile waters? Such details could damage our negotiating position. Of course, we know employees at the National Archives are sincere patriots, and the same is true of most professors and students doing research there, but we have considerations that no one understands but us.

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  • 11 sentenced to 3-12 years in prison for homosexuality | Mada Masr about 9 hours ago
    • An officer from the morality police who wished to remain anonymous confirmed to Mada Masr that morality police officers heavily monitor LGBT people using the community’s dating websites and internet forums. He stated that it is common practice for a police officer to engage with someone online, agree to meet him or her in person, and then send the messages to the public prosecution to issue a warrant of arrest.
    • Grindr, a dating app commonly used by gay men, released a warning in 2014 saying that Egyptian police may be using the application to entrap individuals and warned users to take steps to protect their identities. Solidarity with Egypt LGBT estimates that between 2013 and 2015, 53 percent of charges leveled against LGBT individuals featured the use of websites and social media to entrap people.
    • The case against the 11 individuals included a long list of accusations related to debauchery. While being gay is not technically criminalized under the Egyptian penal code, LGBT individuals are often targeted through debauchery laws. Debauchery carries a maximum sentence of three years. However, Abdel Hameed says that, in cases against LGBT individuals, it is common for the prosecution to list several accusations related to debauchery to increase the prison sentence.

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  • Journalists march on top prosecutor's office, complain of police violations | Egypt Independent about 9 hours ago
  • Little-known law stops some Muslims from obtaining US citizenship | Las Vegas Review-Journal about 9 hours ago
  • Index on Censorship on Twitter: "RT @amberinzaman: This could happen to any of us at any time. Pure intimidation, goal to silence, to cow into submission. https://t.co/ftJM…" on Apr 30, 16
  • Turkish police officer fired for making far-right rap video in ruined Kurdish city | Middle East Eye on Apr 30, 16
  • 'Partly free'? The real state of Israeli press freedom is much worse | +972 Magazine on Apr 28, 16
  • Iraq shuts down Al Jazeera Baghdad bureau - AJE News on Apr 27, 16
  • How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF) — Medium on Apr 27, 16

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