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Siri Anderson
  • Trauma is not an event itself, but the body's protective response to an event or series of events that is experienced as harmful or life-threatening.
  • a traumatic event for one individual may or may not prompt a trauma response in another, even if the experiences seem similar

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Siri Anderson
  • “Being trauma-informed is not a checklist, but a mindset change. It is critical that everyone in the building is working towards being trauma-informed.”
Christina DiMicelli

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"This is a malfunction. Have your school's Google admin open a support ticket with Google."

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Todd Suomela
  • One perspective we have not explored yet is the prepper community. I cannot remember who said this, maybe Jamie Wheal, but the line went something like this: in the near future you will not be able to tell the difference between the prepper and the sage. Basically, the wise will not only be trying to prevent worst-case scenarios, but they’ll also be prepared for them to happen. I agree with this and I think it is good to plug into the actionable wisdom of the prepper community to complement a high-level grokking of the meta-crisis.

    I do geek out about learning the jargon from memetic tribes, and preppers do not disappoint here, as they have an abundance of grimly fun acronyms: SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), ELE (Extinction Level Event), BOL (Bug Out Location), and my personal favorite, TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It). Two of their terms nicely describe what troubles me most in the possibility space of the meta-crisis: WROL and EROL, or “Without Rule of Law” and “Excessive Rule of Law.” The former happens after a collapse scenario, while the latter happens from massive governmental overreach.

  • The article mentions Bostrom’s “singleton hypothesis,” a situation where a “singleton” emerges, which is his term for “a world order in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highest level.” Examples Bostrom includes as potential singletons in his paper What is a Singleton?: a democratic world republic, a world dictatorship, and a superintelligent machine. He thinks that the emergence of a singleton will inevitably happen, the open question is just how it will happen, and to invoke some Christian languaging, will it happen in a way that invokes a hellish or heavenly existence.

    Go ahead, negatively visualize the following: a singleton emerges, perhaps some governmental system, that uses ubiquitous surveillance, algorithmic manipulation, propaganda via deepfakes, and even actual mind-reading and mind-controlling technologies, aka “psychotronic weapons,” which is closer than one might think. Sounds hellish, eh?

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