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Bernd Oswald's List: Digitaler Journalismus Know How

    • Über 70 Fernsehteams haben im April 2013 einen ganzen Tag in der aufregenden Stadt dokumentiert. Von sechs Uhr morgens bis sechs Uhr morgens am nächsten Tag.
    • Während Sie im Fernsehen 24 Stunden lang miterleben können, was es bedeutet in Jerusalem zuhause zu sein, finden Sie online zeitsynchronisiert alle Informationen, um Menschen, Orte, Geschichte und Gebräuche dieser Stadt noch besser zu verstehen
    • Smartphone-Clips –„Vines“ genannt – die live vor Ort von unserem Team, und von Einwohnern Jerusalems oder auch von Menschen aus aller Welt zum Thema “Jerusalem” aufgenommen werden

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    • All this can lead to a very complicated set of processes, and it's worth spending a bit of time streamlining this workflow, so that it is transparent to those who need to understand it, and robust.
    • HTML5 video. Make sure you have a good workflow in place to create (and recreate) the various encodings - mp4, webm, and ogg - you'll need for things to work across browser.
    • bandwidth

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    • Jon Henley describe Firestorm in public as “one of those major environmental catastrophe full screen fuck yeah robots experiences.”
    • e admitted that the paper had been looking for some time for something with which they could do a “Snow fall” equivalent.
    • “Beautiful as we found it,” he said, “we are yet to find anybody who read right the way through to the end of it.”

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    • I found the interactive bits distracting
    • he story has been printed as a 14-page special section in The New York Times on Sunday, Dec. 23
    • Rarely, if ever, have we been able to explain an avalanche from so many different perspectives. It involved 16 people

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    • he graphics and slide shows added context.
    • Joe Sexton, the sports editor, with seeing something bigger
    • ut Joe saw the potential for telling the story in a more powerful, yet narrower, way. And he assigned me the task. The key was the cooperation of those involved. Every one of them opened his or her heart to me, a stranger with only a loose idea of where the story might head. They were honest and gracious and trusting. And when I returned with their stories, and we saw how their various perspectives of the same avalanche wove together, we invited the smart people in our interactive and graphics departments to help with the telling.

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    • Snow Fall’s launch on December 20th, 2012, it had received
    • n the six days

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    • 2.9 million visits for more than 3.5 million page views
    • 22,000 users visited Snow Fall at any given time,”
    • quarter to a third of them were new visitors to

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