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  • nstead, we need to use a special function named CONCATENATE.
  • The parameters for CONCATENATE are simply the words we want to join together.
    • OK, that formula is a little hard to parse at first. If your building, street, and zipcode are in columns B, C, and D, then the above formula can be described, in English, as:

      1. Start off with the text in cell B2 (building)
      3. Add an empty space
      5. Then add the text in cell C2 (street)
      7. Then add the literal string , NY , – a comma, then a space, then NY, which stands for “New York”, then another space, and then a second comma
      9. Finally, add the text of D2 (zipcode)

      After typing in the formula, the value under your column header of my_custom_column should be something like:

      56 COURT STREET, NY, 11201

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