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Vintage music sent in by Pat Winter

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Vintage music sent in by Pat Winter


  • lokkijo
    lokkijo on 2022-04-10
    Vintage music is my passion. Recently I tried to create this type of music myself and posted some vintage videos with my music on YouTube. Then I switched to Spotify and read how to buy spotify followers to become famous. And then I was really lucky when, thanks to this, I got a large audience and my tracks began to be listened to.
  • nikfill
    nikfill on 2022-04-10
    Almost every human culture has a tradition of making music. Examples of early instruments like flutes and drums have been found dating back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used music in religious ceremonies.
  • balanceblind
    balanceblind on 2022-03-05
    Oh, how I love this kind of music. It's a pity that she can't be found anywhere. Only if there are old videos in which this music can be heard. In general, I recently found a website through which you can download music for free and you can also insert the URL of the video and click the search button to convert the video to audio. As soon as you click the search button, the video conversion will begin. Once it is ready, you can download the converted file or downloaded songs.

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