Wesley Fryer

I'm an educator, author, digital storyteller and change agent. More info about me is available on www.wesfryer.com/bio

Member since Mar 26, 2008, follows 189 people, 28 public groups, 8489 public bookmarks (8655 total).

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  • 2 to 1 Counterbalance

    50 members, 32 items

    This group is set up in connection with an blog post on TechLearning, as a place to build positive links/examples/ideas to counterbalance negative stories/events on the Internet.

  • Ad4dcss/Digital Citizenship

    673 members, 3132 items

    ADVOCATES FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP, SAFETY & SUCCESS. Grassroots effort of educators, parents, and teens to promote digital citizenship, safety, and success. Advocacy for wise, balanced, researched based actions in the offline world to promote online citizenship, safety, and success.

  • Apples for Kids

    133 members, 130 items

    A look at how Apple computers is impacting on the K-12 classroom. Here we share not only products, but great teaching ideas.

  • Cell Phones in Education

    301 members, 260 items

    This group will explore the use of cell phones in the classroom.

  • Coolest Web Sites Ever for Teachers and Students

    251 members, 189 items

    Share your absolute favorite, must visit web sites for teachers and students in this group. This group will serve as a repository for interesting, interactive and engaging links. Please be selective in your contributions to this group. Take advantage of the highlighting and sticky note tools in Diigo as well!

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