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  • Diigo 中文社区

    284 members, 588 items

    欢迎中文用户:) 遇到什么问题,有什么建议,都可以发,我们会尽快给与回复。

  • E-marketing

    121 members, 354 items

    all about online marketing, email, rss, call to action, online reputation, social media marketing, etc ...----------------------- NO shameless self promotion of your own blogs !!!! --> immediate ban. (unless you also share other usefull articles).

  • Reno Social Media Think Tank

    9 members, 162 items

    A place to share links and comments on current social media marketing, community management and presence marketing trends, products, platforms and ideas. Loosely based on Reno NV and our friends and associates.

  • Twitter Freaks

    667 members, 4093 items

    YOU MUST INDICATE WHY YOU ARE JOINING THE GROUP OR I WILL NOT APPROVE YOU. DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS HERE; DO NOT SHARE LINKS THAT ARE UNRELATED TO USING TWITTER.Share your Twitter resources here! <br /><br />Make sure to indicate why you want to join when you request membership. If you have few Diigo friends, few bookmarks or questionable bookmarks and do not give a reason for joining, I'm likely to think you are a spammer and will decline your membership. We've had issues with people spamming this group and I'm trying to avoid misuse of this group.

  • Web2.0

    5579 members, 11440 items

    discuss everything about Web2.0

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