Michelle Krill

Working with teachers to teach and learn the best use of technology in the classroom.

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  • DigiLibraries.com - free eBooks library

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    DigiLibraries.com is free eBooks library, where one can find over 28'000 eBooks. All eBooks are absolutely FREE to download without any payments, advertisements or delays. All eBooks are in high quality.

  • Diigo In Education

    57473 members, 29452 items

    “Diigo In Education” - Phase I just released. More to come.. Share your classroom usecase, ideas, reviews, features, and wishlists for making Diigo a great resource and platform in teaching and learning. Let's explore the full potential of Diigo as an educational tool.

  • Diigo_iste11

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    For diigo learning session

  • Discovery Educator Network

    3814 members, 10125 items

    This group is a place for educators to share resources that support creativity, thinking, teaching and learning.

  • educators

    2557 members, 15115 items

    Educators sharing bookmarks and best practice. We have a set of standard tags to help us share things that you may use in addition to your tags. (You may subscribe to these tags via RSS feed by subject area, which makes it very useful.) Fully disclose WHY you want to join and who you are. SPAMMERS not welcome. If you don't use good netiquette and disclose this, you will delay your approval.

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