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  • (*net) *net

    14 members, 449 items

    toward new ways to work, exchange value, alternative economic systems, *net will allow all economic agents to participate in frictionless, value adding, mediated mutual amplification

  • (*net) Money

    14 members, 128 items

    discussion of common concepts of money, the money system, and how it relates to *net, a system of granular value exchange using customized value exchange models recognizing all sources of value individually

  • (*net) Reputation

    5 members, 22 items

    reputation is aggregated trust, where trust is between two counter-parties reputation is a trust value of an individual in another individual based on a collection of third parties one might be able to make a case that reputation is transitive trust (ie A trusts B who trusts C, A's faith in C is c

  • (*net) Trust

    5 members, 25 items

    Define, quantify, measure, represent trust for use in economic exchange equation as a dimension of value

  • (HBSN) How to Build a Social Network

    12 members, 219 items

    tools, standards, platforms for cobbling together your own social network - focus on interop, coopt, feature expansion

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