Daniel Beylerian

I engage learners/inspire educators w/ Video Calls, Mobile Tech, Game Based Learning, Social Media & Smiles. Smart people always read the fine print. Here U R!

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  • ACSE Discussion

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    For Computer Studies teachers on the ACSE mail list. When you mention a site in an email, add it to this Diigo group! <br /><br /><br /><br />Recommended tags: acse-teachers, ACSE, ICS, ICSxx<br /><br />...any other tags relevant to the topic (interfacing, Java, careers, hardware, electronics, etc.)

  • ISTE 2010

    306 members, 299 items

    Twitter and backchanneling sessions only capture information for finite periods of time. This site will be used to store all of the great links and resources discovered through ISTE 2010 (Jun 27-30, 2010).

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