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I am interested in I'm a geek,I love music,the web,laughing,a good movie,and a good juicy steak.. My favorite music are Trance,Alternative Rock,Fine Tune James Blunt Radio. Movies: The Usual Suspects,God Father,My Name is Earl (I wish it was a movie). TV: The Tonight Show with John Stewart. Books: Freud's - A Diary of a Girl. My Heros are My father.

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  • Tie-a-Tie.net | Windsor Knot on 2013-04-18
  • Download Companion Content for Microsoft Official Courses | Microsoft Learning on 2013-03-20
  • PLEASE HELP! HTC Desire screen won't turn on after it goes on standby - Android Forums on 2013-03-16
    • Siha you are a genius, thank you so much. " it needs a higher voltage" genius
       I dropped my phone on friday and even though it worked fine, the phone would not wake on standby.
       It would only wake if left for a long time or if I pulled the battery.
       So I went the software route first and re installed bootloader, radios and rom but problem persisted.
       Then found this thread and siha's comments above, so out come the torx5 and phillips screw driver, scalpel, tweezers and took my desire apart, got to the screen and digitizer and saw a tiny surface mount capacitor (0402) had been knocked from its track, after soldering it, re assembly and swithing on with everything crossed, it works.
       So thank you again Siha, and well done HTC for good design.
        Ill try and post some pics later.
       P.s. it was 1-1 on the void sticker front
  • Courseware Marketplace – 6425CC on 2013-02-06
    • rosoft Official Courseware


      Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Server® 2008 Ac

  • Oman: Budget 2013 – January 2013 on 2013-02-05
    • Expenditure set to rise


      The big headline is a record RO 12.9bn earmarked for expenditure, the bulk on social spending and infrastructure projects (up from an estimated RO 10bn in 2012, although actual expenditure is likely to reach RO 13bn once additional job creation and infrastructure spending is factored in). Defence and security continue to account for a significant proportion (RO 3.6bn). The other big winners, together bagging a 40% overall increase, are:


      30% increase in Ministries’ budgets to help complete infrastructure projects;


      - 16% increase in education (to RO 1.3bn)


      - 32% rise in health (to RO 505mn)


      - 16% on social security and welfare (RO 446mn)


      - 45% on housing to (RO 469mn)

  • About the State Budget for the Fiscal Year 2013 | Oman Observer on 2013-02-05
    • job market, especially since there are currently over 153,000 job-seekers
  • How VMM Connects to Virtual Machines - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki on 2013-01-19
    • Connections to Hyper-V Virtual Machines from VMM


      When you add a Hyper-V host to VMM, VMM enables remote connections to virtual machines using the default remote connection port for Hyper-V hosts (by default, port 2179), which is a configurable general setting in VMM. You can change the remote connection port for a host while adding the host to VMM or by modifying the setting on the Remote tab of the host properties. For instructions about configuring the default remote connection ports in VMM, see How to Configure Remote Access to Virtual Machines (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=162936).


      Hyper-V Manager uses VMConnect for connections to virtual machines from remote consoles. VMConnect uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) listener port to provide console connections to a virtual machine via the parent partition in Hyper-V.


      VMM uses the same Single Port Listener technology to provide the administrator with live thumbnails in the VMM Administrator Console. The VMM Self-Service Portal and VirtualMachineViewer.exe also use the Single Port Listener technology of RDP.


      However, the Single Port Listener for RDP is available only for console connections from a computer that is running one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2. If the client computer is running any other operating system, VMM connects directly to the guest operating system that is running inside the virtual machine by using standard RDP. In that case, VMM can make the connection only if the virtual machine is in a running state and virtual guest services are installed on the virtual machine.

  • AutoCAD Products - Find the Right CAD Program for You on 2013-01-09
  • System integrations in the eGovernment Portals on 2013-01-06
    • nd improve their employers businesses. We develop   customized software to suit our customer   needs. The developed software always ensure the compatibility with  the best practice and well known standards.   Our customers believe that we are   delivering the highest quality with affordable prices.   


        Therefore they love to continue using our services.  Most of our developers' skills and experience in the IT field started from the 1990s.   These long years of experience entitle us to deliver and provide top of the   range solutions. 


        We pay close attention to the customer care. Most of relat

  • Stop Creating Explainer Videos, You’re Doing It All Wrong! on 2012-11-08
    • Step #3: How to write a script
    • Introduction slide should state what your company does
    • Explain the problem

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