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I am interested in I'm a geek,I love music,the web,laughing,a good movie,and a good juicy steak.. My favorite music are Trance,Alternative Rock,Fine Tune James Blunt Radio. Movies: The Usual Suspects,God Father,My Name is Earl (I wish it was a movie). TV: The Tonight Show with John Stewart. Books: Freud's - A Diary of a Girl. My Heroes are My father.

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    This group is for everyone who likes to think outside the box and engage a variety of ideas. Post articles here which will provoke thought and discussion, regardless of partisan leanings.

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    This group is for likeminded developers and designers wishing to share and discuss Rich Internet Application development

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    YOU MUST INDICATE WHY YOU ARE JOINING THE GROUP OR I WILL NOT APPROVE YOU. DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS HERE; DO NOT SHARE LINKS THAT ARE UNRELATED TO USING TWITTER.Share your Twitter resources here! <br /><br />Make sure to indicate why you want to join when you request membership. If you have few Diigo friends, few bookmarks or questionable bookmarks and do not give a reason for joining, I'm likely to think you are a spammer and will decline your membership. We've had issues with people spamming this group and I'm trying to avoid misuse of this group.

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