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Dec 23, 13

And the editorials began to speak about those dark days in Egypt following the sentence to jail #Jan25 activists 

Dec 08, 13

Egypt has united NY Times and WP I swear !! Now here is the editorial of NY Times from 3 days about our new draft Constitution and how bad it is highlighting the powers given to the army.

Oct 26, 13

Filmmaker Jehane Noujam's documentary on Egypt and our political journay aka unrest since January 2011 is reviewed in the NY Times. I think Noujam should present another sequel for "The Square" because the story is not finished by all means.

Oct 23, 13

The decision of Mohamed Hashem , the famous Cairo publisher to emigrate the decision about how many Egyptians are now willing to leave the country unlike what happened after February 2011. 

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