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Nov 22, 13

Once again Bandar Bin Sultan is profiled in less than a week , this time in Guardian's The comment is free in a more deep look to the kingdom's affair and struggle within the Saudi Royal Family.

Oct 27, 13

All those places are on my bucket list , I wish to visit them before I die with my camera and my beloved ones too.

Oct 27, 13

Once a hero of freedoms , Aung San Suu Kyi proves to be another radical nationalist if I dare to say. Ironically and sadly I am not that shocked anymore because we have lots San Su Kyis in Egypt nowadays.

Amazingly the Muslim and Arab world have forgotten the Rohingya Muslims suffering. Still the foreign western human rights organizations and media have not.

Nov 23, 09

I think we have the same issue in Egypt but this time we got the Gulf men

Oct 01, 09

A Beautiful pictorial report from China´s celebration of 60 years of their own red revolution. \nReally beautiful

Sep 30, 09

Report says food shortages will hit developing world and global warming set to bring back malnutrition
And we are wasting our agricultural land and water in useless tourism projects for the A Class !!

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