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Dec 10, 13

Panorama's Mada Misr presents an amazing photo essay about the women of the Nile Delta villages selling cheese and butter in Alexandria. Really Beautiful and it is a must see and shared post. 

Dec 06, 13

About the girls sentenced 11 years for protesting at 7 AM in Alexandria 

Nov 09, 13

Meet Speed sisters , the Middle East's first all female auto racing team from Palestine :)
Oh yes Palestinian female auto racing team.
Please check the fantastic Photo report from Panorama Mada Misr by Tanya Habjouqa

Oct 26, 13

Belal Fadel writes in his column in Arabic about another sad sexual harassment experience in the metro station. Horriyfing experience recounted by journlist Caroline Kamel in the rush hour in some Cairo metro statio

Nov 23, 09

I think we have the same issue in Egypt but this time we got the Gulf men

Oct 21, 09

Dr.Rashika El-Ridi speaks to Al Masry Al Youm in a very controversial interview where she believes that she was awarded this prize as a satisfactory award from UNESCO to Egypt after the loss of Farouk Hosni !!
I am shocked honestly because the rest of the interview about the impact of dictatorship and science showed a great political understanding. Hosni did not lose because of geo-political reasons on the contrary he lost because he does not deserve it again where as Dr. El-Ridi deserves her award.

Oct 08, 09

She told him that if you would not desire infinite terms , someone else will and of course we know to whom she is referring in the second part of her interview in Al Masry Al Youm

Oct 04, 09

Huda Sharaawi ´s group in Facebook , it includes very rare photos for the leading feminist in Egypt

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