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Dec 11, 13

An interesting brief history of Israel nuclear program and how the US tolerated Syria's as well EGYPT's chemical weapons as counterbalance to Israel's own weapons of mass destruction

Dec 08, 13

The Washington Post's View today is about Egypt and what Washington should do in order to restore democracy in the Arab leading country especially now the road map is interpreted and does not seem lead to a civilian democracy but rather to military rule. The WP lists the draft constitution , the new protest law and the arrest of liberal activists as signs on how things are not on the right track in Egypt.
As usual the WP demands the US decision makers to cut the aid.

Nov 15, 13

There were many reasons to kill JFK from 50 years ago , that reason was among them.
I know about JFK's position from the Israeli nuclear program but many others ignore it because the media does not shade the light on this particular point.

  • Regarding Iran, Lavrov refused to give full details of ongoing talks between world powers and the Islamic Republic over its nuclear programme.


Oct 31, 13

The calls do not stop between the ministry of defence in Cairo and Pentagon in Washington D.C

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