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Apr 27, 14

Interesting short report from Syria. Vice says that it is the first western crew to enter Syria in March 2014 in to Idlib meeting one of the fighting forces in the area. 

Dec 11, 13

Syrian writer Khaled Khafila's novel "No Knives in the city's kitchens" wins Egypt's most important literature award. The novel is about the price Syrians paid for being ruled by Baath party

Nov 06, 13

Still I believe that never say never or forever , all those monuments can be rebuilt and restored but unfortunately all those hundreds of thousands killed can not be restored to Life.
It is the first awful war Syria would witnessed in its very long history.

Nov 06, 13

Very sad images and story about the Syrian refugees in one Istanbul's Parks from AFP

Oct 28, 13

Illegal drug , popular in the Middle East is connected to the war in Syria

Oct 24, 13

Cecilia Uddén made this heartbreaking interview with the mother of those angels I spoke about them before. 

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