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Nov 12, 13

Regardless of the curious timing to publish this extremely important investigative report internationally by Reuters , it is a must read investigative report. The report is great professionally speaking especially with the graphics and so on.
Now politically speaking I think that Setab's revenues are used to fund that military machine and nuke machine of Tehran
Just bookmark it for the weekend to read it carefully

Nov 09, 13

Dear Ahmed El Deriny compares the Egyptian press of today to the Egyptian press of 1960s. Same headlines about getting how evil America is and how getting close to its rival Russia is great but with one difference : Instead of Nasser pictures, you will find the photos of general Abdel Fatah Sisi. The Op-ed is in Arabic only.

Oct 21, 09

Haikel Speaks to Al Masry Al Youm in a long interview that is published on 3 parts.
Today he speaks about his vision for Egypt; the best way to get away from the depressing situation we are facing in our political life. I notice that he is soft on Mubarak and his regime comparing to his interviews and shows on Al Jazeera Channel

Oct 08, 09

She told him that if you would not desire infinite terms , someone else will and of course we know to whom she is referring in the second part of her interview in Al Masry Al Youm

Oct 03, 09

Galal Amar answers back Abdullah Kamal of Rosa, powerful and cheerful column for those who hate Kamal

Sep 30, 09

Despite my differences with him , I can't deny that I really respect and admire the articles Wahid Hamad has written in Al Shorouq newspaper about useless advertising ads in Ramadan
This is one is about the ministries' advertising campaigns in Ramadan and about our public money which is spent or rather wasted, the public money we should ask how it is spent and in what exactly !!
P.S I love the part he describes Rola Gabriel and Tarek Nour's campaign to promote her show !!

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