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29 Jan 14

Just like the Gulf state , people are referred to court because of tweets :( 

29 Jan 14

Important analysis Alfred Raouf about one of the main core problems in Egypt that is standing against any radical change or even reform. I agree with him and I want to add that the civil alternative is not given a chance to be rebuild and this is challenge of its own.

29 Jan 14

Yes they are back despite El Sisi claimed that the old Pre-25 January revolution faces would not return back

21 Dec 13

Interestingly that they bring this up when actually he was approved to run for presidency in 2012.
I think all the security apparatuses in Egypt should stand a trial for letting him to run and win the elections then !!

19 Dec 13

I agree , based on history as well politics this group will not end but the question here "will the brotherhood learn from its mistakes !?" 

18 Dec 13

By Force !! 
Anyhow I got another theory. This statement comes at the same time the name of Moussa is being suggested widely in the media in Egypt as the upcoming president. Moussa is considered a consensual name some how. Some say that he tried to please everybody in the Constitution committee and the military needs a good civilian face as President that they will not clash with who can deal with the world ..etc.  

12 Dec 13

The latest alleged leak of General Abdel El Sisi is quite interesting by alllllll measures. 
The man has got a dream !! 

10 Dec 13

Sharif Abdel Kouddous interviews detained journalist Abdullah El Shamy , Al Jazeera correspondent behind bars as well his wife Gehad and his brother renowned photographer Mosa'ab El Shamy. 

09 Dec 13

And Belal Fadel opens the fire in Arabic on Ibrahim Eissa and his brothers who are currently kissing the ass of the current regime.

08 Dec 13

Egypt has united NY Times and WP I swear !! Now here is the editorial of NY Times from 3 days about our new draft Constitution and how bad it is highlighting the powers given to the army.

08 Dec 13

El Bashir's reshuffles in the government and administration. Old dying regimes trying to save their asses
I said it before and I will say that again change is coming to Sudan

08 Dec 13

The Washington Post's View today is about Egypt and what Washington should do in order to restore democracy in the Arab leading country especially now the road map is interpreted and does not seem lead to a civilian democracy but rather to military rule. The WP lists the draft constitution , the new protest law and the arrest of liberal activists as signs on how things are not on the right track in Egypt.
As usual the WP demands the US decision makers to cut the aid.

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