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Aug 16, 14

Last year Lamido Sanusi was the governor of Nigeria’s central bank, and he wore pinstripe suits to work as he concerned himself with issues such as managing interest rates and keeping inflation under control. Today, Sanusi is the emir of Kano and sports long flowing gowns and a white veil over his face, while his daily activities include reciting the Quran and blessing visitors who bow before his feathered slippers.

Apr 27, 14

Interesting short report from Syria. Vice says that it is the first western crew to enter Syria in March 2014 in to Idlib meeting one of the fighting forces in the area. 

Jan 02, 14

Amazing Photo report by talented photojournalist Alaa El Kamhawi about country side's railways , you must click the link 

Dec 17, 13

This is a must see photo essay by photojournalist James Mollison , where the children from around the globe sleep.

Dec 16, 13

Panorama continues and presents another amazing photo essay topic about workers who ran their own factory for two years. It is promising and sad story at the same time.

Dec 10, 13

Panorama's Mada Misr presents an amazing photo essay about the women of the Nile Delta villages selling cheese and butter in Alexandria. Really Beautiful and it is a must see and shared post. 

Dec 02, 13

The protests of Ukraine and the photos are making eyebrows rise in Egypt 

Dec 02, 13

One of the best photos in 2013 picked by Time magazine , a photo taken by Mosa'a El Shamy in the dispersal of Rabaa sit in that turned into a massacre 

Nov 16, 13

Amazing photos for UNESCO's world heritage sites all over the world

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