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Dec 21, 13

Interestingly that they bring this up when actually he was approved to run for presidency in 2012.
I think all the security apparatuses in Egypt should stand a trial for letting him to run and win the elections then !!

Dec 19, 13

I agree , based on history as well politics this group will not end but the question here "will the brotherhood learn from its mistakes !?" 

Dec 07, 13

Belal Fadel continues in revolutionary column and today he is posting an examination for the readers to know whether the Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters are the only sheep led blindly by their leaders in Egypt not.
God bless Belal

Dec 07, 13

NPR interviews Mohamed Youssef , the Kung FU champion who caused controversy for doing the forbidden sign ; the Rabaa sign

Dec 02, 13

Oh yes what I expected it happened , Siyyad Qutb is back once again and his thought is spread among the frustrasted Islamist youth.

Nov 23, 13

Belal Fadel continues in Arabic telling the people to stop their bias and see the truth , the ugly truth. Man these op-eds should be translated in to English. May God protect Belal Fadel

Nov 17, 13

And famous online Columnist Ahmed Samir moves from Al Masry Al Youm to Al Shorouq. A fantastic start in Al Shorouk in Arabic.

Nov 16, 13

Originally published in Ahram Online , Amira Howaidy speaks about the battle of Mohamed Mahmoud and how it will be commemorated in 2013 with all the polarization in the country.

Nov 13, 13

Famous columnist Omar Taher defends Egypt's footballer Mohamed Abu Tarika "Arabic"in Tahrir newspaper

Nov 13, 13

"There is still a long way ahead of us, and the fact that Islamists have beaten us to the gallows does not mean we have won. This is nothing more than an ugly reversal of their victory"

Nov 12, 13

Outspoken former MB leading member and lawyer Mokhtar Noah believes that Morsi's trial is political one yet the ousted president should respect the court and does not speak from his mind. "Because he is not good when it comes to speeches"
Noah blames the fall of the MB on that Qutbists whom he did not name but referred to a lobby in the brotherhood.

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