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Dec 15, 13

Former Pink Floyd's star Roger Waters compares Israel to Nazi Germany because of its treatment to Palestinians 

Dec 11, 13

An interesting brief history of Israel nuclear program and how the US tolerated Syria's as well EGYPT's chemical weapons as counterbalance to Israel's own weapons of mass destruction

Dec 02, 13

And Israel's exported gas to be sold to LNG plants in Egypt to be exported later to Europe. 

Nov 25, 13

Now aside from the interesting details about the Israel's knowledge , I see here the least expected Gulf country is playing a role here : Oman. 

Nov 15, 13

There were many reasons to kill JFK from 50 years ago , that reason was among them.
I know about JFK's position from the Israeli nuclear program but many others ignore it because the media does not shade the light on this particular point.

Oct 08, 09

Bibi has a grandson now called "Samuel" and hopefully he will give another thought about the Palestinian children "which I highly doubt it"
For sure Mubarak has sent him a telegram

Sep 30, 09

Egypt's media is intensifying its abiding hostility toward Israel. This editor from Jerusalem Post indeed is interesting indeed. I am so interested in the personal relations between Mubarak and Bib
Anyhow I just want to say something , Israel is proud to be the oasis of democracy and freedom of expression in the Middle East ,why it is so angry from our press ??
They are expressing their point of views as simply as that !!

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