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Dec 13, 13

"Jablonski, who is now a yoga instructor who blogs about finding inner peace"
This will turn in to a film starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for sure !!

Dec 11, 13

An interesting brief history of Israel nuclear program and how the US tolerated Syria's as well EGYPT's chemical weapons as counterbalance to Israel's own weapons of mass destruction

Nov 25, 13

Now aside from the interesting details about the Israel's knowledge , I see here the least expected Gulf country is playing a role here : Oman. 

Nov 24, 13

The Joint statement of EU high representative lady Catherine Ashton and Iranian Foreign minister Zarif

Nov 13, 13

"There is still a long way ahead of us, and the fact that Islamists have beaten us to the gallows does not mean we have won. This is nothing more than an ugly reversal of their victory"

Nov 12, 13

Regardless of the curious timing to publish this extremely important investigative report internationally by Reuters , it is a must read investigative report. The report is great professionally speaking especially with the graphics and so on.
Now politically speaking I think that Setab's revenues are used to fund that military machine and nuke machine of Tehran
Just bookmark it for the weekend to read it carefully

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