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19 Dec 13

Dr. Eyad el Sarraj , the prominent human rights activist has passed away.

19 Dec 13

I agree , based on history as well politics this group will not end but the question here "will the brotherhood learn from its mistakes !?" 

15 Dec 13

Dear Lauren Bohn continues her reporting from the south of Egypt , this time she speaks about the amazing Old Cataract Hotel

12 Dec 13

This was chosen as one of the top 10 discoveries of 2013 , the World's oldest port found in Egypt 

11 Dec 13

Fantastic look back to when Mandela was considered a terrorist in the West by Alain Gresh

11 Dec 13

An interesting brief history of Israel nuclear program and how the US tolerated Syria's as well EGYPT's chemical weapons as counterbalance to Israel's own weapons of mass destruction

06 Dec 13

How also the UK considered Mandela before it would mourn him today. Man I believe Magy would go coco if she knew how much he was respect now in UK.

17 Nov 13

No Mar Girgis aka St.George festival this year in Egypt officially for fear of attacks 

17 Nov 13

 Egyptian heritage activist Sally Soliman speaks about the sad current condition of Qanatir Al Qahiriya

12 Nov 13

Meet "Dr Abdulrahman Makhlouf" , the man behind Abu Dhabi's master plan.
I wonder when we will have a man behind a true , modern and Eco-friendly Cairo's master plan !!

11 Nov 13

One of my favorite Egyptian politicians/diplomats/explorer : Ahmed Hassanein Pasha , the man who actually ruled Egypt from the backstage during the monarchy. Hassanein pasha was widely described as womanizer , a politician you should not mess with you , the king's tutor who controlled the last ruling king of Egypt and Sudan yet few knew that he was few and true founding fathers of Egyptian explorers when it comes to desert exploration in time there was no GPS.

07 Nov 13

This amazing certificate was issued by the Egyptian government to free slaves from their slavery in 1881.

06 Nov 13

Still I believe that never say never or forever , all those monuments can be rebuilt and restored but unfortunately all those hundreds of thousands killed can not be restored to Life.
It is the first awful war Syria would witnessed in its very long history.

24 Oct 13

Learn the history of a famous working class area in Giza. It is a must read post.

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