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Jan 29, 14

Yes they are back despite El Sisi claimed that the old Pre-25 January revolution faces would not return back

Dec 18, 13

By Force !! 
Anyhow I got another theory. This statement comes at the same time the name of Moussa is being suggested widely in the media in Egypt as the upcoming president. Moussa is considered a consensual name some how. Some say that he tried to please everybody in the Constitution committee and the military needs a good civilian face as President that they will not clash with who can deal with the world ..etc.  

Dec 12, 13

The latest alleged leak of General Abdel El Sisi is quite interesting by alllllll measures. 
The man has got a dream !! 

Dec 07, 13

About the online battle led by the Pro-El Sisi media in Egypt to land him over a Time Magazine cover , after all he is not less Morsi who landed a Time Magazine cover "by Israeli photographer" at the same time last year.

Nov 17, 13

And famous online Columnist Ahmed Samir moves from Al Masry Al Youm to Al Shorouq. A fantastic start in Al Shorouk in Arabic.

Nov 17, 13

The US department of defense publishes a readout for the call between secretary Charlies Hagel and Egyptian minister of defense Abdel Fatah El Sisi on Saturday. This was not mentioned in the Egyptian media by the way 

Nov 17, 13

Plan "B" of what the names that may be suggested allegedly by the state to run for  presidency in case that General Abdel Fatah El Sisi does not run for
 presidency according to Al Shorouk Newspaper 

Oct 31, 13

The calls do not stop between the ministry of defence in Cairo and Pentagon in Washington D.C

Oct 26, 13

C List actress Ghada Abdel Razek is going to sue Bassem Youssef for his sexual innuendos and how he dared and insulted General Abdel Fatah El Sisi. Youssef was reported 4 times to public prosecution yesterday coz of his show. !!

Oct 23, 13

Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem writes about ElSisi's popularity bubble 

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