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Nov 12, 13

Meet "Dr Abdulrahman Makhlouf" , the man behind Abu Dhabi's master plan.
I wonder when we will have a man behind a true , modern and Eco-friendly Cairo's master plan !!

Nov 11, 13

One of my favorite Egyptian politicians/diplomats/explorer : Ahmed Hassanein Pasha , the man who actually ruled Egypt from the backstage during the monarchy. Hassanein pasha was widely described as womanizer , a politician you should not mess with you , the king's tutor who controlled the last ruling king of Egypt and Sudan yet few knew that he was few and true founding fathers of Egyptian explorers when it comes to desert exploration in time there was no GPS.

Nov 11, 13

Geek News : Egyptian software developer Hussein Ahmed to join Amazon as its new manager of Software development

Nov 07, 13

This amazing certificate was issued by the Egyptian government to free slaves from their slavery in 1881.

Sep 12, 09

Asked if enough was being spent on teaching science in the U.S., Europe and Arab world, and whether India, China and Russia had jumped ahead of the West, El-Baz said funding was adequate in the developed world, totaling 2% of GDP.
"In the Arab world in general, this amount is about 0.2% of GDP, which means (it) should be multiplied ten times," he said, explaining that fewer than 25% of students entered science fields.

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