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29 Jan 14

Just like the Gulf state , people are referred to court because of tweets :( 

29 Jan 14

Important analysis Alfred Raouf about one of the main core problems in Egypt that is standing against any radical change or even reform. I agree with him and I want to add that the civil alternative is not given a chance to be rebuild and this is challenge of its own.

29 Jan 14

Yes they are back despite El Sisi claimed that the old Pre-25 January revolution faces would not return back

20 Jan 14

Panorama presents the Rarely seen birds of Egypt by photographer Ahmed Waheed. Waheed is starting an online magazine called "Egypt Geographic" 

04 Jan 14

Mohamed El Dahshan speaks about the Egyptian armed forces and the government contracts.
Of course some people will not like this and will justify it.

02 Jan 14

Amazing Photo report by talented photojournalist Alaa El Kamhawi about country side's railways , you must click the link 

02 Jan 14

On Alaa by his cousin Omar Robert Hamilton 

23 Dec 13

And the editorials began to speak about those dark days in Egypt following the sentence to jail #Jan25 activists 

21 Dec 13

I want to laugh really !! You know we got a proverb in Arabic about two losers unite and it suites those parties.

21 Dec 13

Interestingly that they bring this up when actually he was approved to run for presidency in 2012.
I think all the security apparatuses in Egypt should stand a trial for letting him to run and win the elections then !!

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