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Dec 08, 13

Egypt has united NY Times and WP I swear !! Now here is the editorial of NY Times from 3 days about our new draft Constitution and how bad it is highlighting the powers given to the army.

Dec 08, 13

El Bashir's reshuffles in the government and administration. Old dying regimes trying to save their asses
I said it before and I will say that again change is coming to Sudan

Dec 08, 13

The Washington Post's View today is about Egypt and what Washington should do in order to restore democracy in the Arab leading country especially now the road map is interpreted and does not seem lead to a civilian democracy but rather to military rule. The WP lists the draft constitution , the new protest law and the arrest of liberal activists as signs on how things are not on the right track in Egypt.
As usual the WP demands the US decision makers to cut the aid.

Nov 23, 13

Belal Fadel continues in Arabic telling the people to stop their bias and see the truth , the ugly truth. Man these op-eds should be translated in to English. May God protect Belal Fadel

Nov 17, 13

And famous online Columnist Ahmed Samir moves from Al Masry Al Youm to Al Shorouq. A fantastic start in Al Shorouk in Arabic.

Nov 12, 13

Belal Fadel continues to challenge the people demanding that the current regime in Egypt to stand a trial for the killing protesters just like Morsi and Mubarak

Nov 12, 13

Bassem Youssef writes in his weekly column in Al Shorouk newspaper for the first time since shutting down his TV show on CBC. He speaks about how the Military Junta in Argentina stalked musicians and what happened to Senator Joseph McCarthy. Hopefully someone will read this and understand. Youssef says that next week he will write about the Muslim philosophers and scientists that suffered from religious radicalism in middle ages. The man is trying to keep balance and that balance is earning him hate and attack from both sides : The Pro-Military and the Islamists

Nov 08, 13

Russell Brand caused controversy last week with interview on BBC about elections and democracy. He is explaining his views more.

Mar 28, 10

البرادعى يلتقى وقد من الاقباط و الفنانين

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