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Nov 12, 13

Regardless of the curious timing to publish this extremely important investigative report internationally by Reuters , it is a must read investigative report. The report is great professionally speaking especially with the graphics and so on.
Now politically speaking I think that Setab's revenues are used to fund that military machine and nuke machine of Tehran
Just bookmark it for the weekend to read it carefully

Nov 12, 13

There is always hope in the darkest moments. Please watch the video in the end

Nov 11, 13

"Ugyen Trinley " can be the next successor of the Dalai Lama and this is important

Nov 06, 13

North Korea on Instagram thanks to David Guttenfeld , AP Chief Asia Photographer

Oct 08, 09

In the wake of bloody ethnic clashes in China's stark Xinjiang region in July, photographer Q. Sakamaki captures how minority Uighur life is changing — and dying
Wonderful and Sad slide show

Oct 01, 09

A Beautiful pictorial report from China´s celebration of 60 years of their own red revolution. \nReally beautiful

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