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in list: OMLTA

    • Bock identifies five key attributes in hiring:

      • learning ability — the ability to pull together disparate bits of information and process on the fly
      • leadership — when faced with a problem at the appropriate time you step in and lead
      • ownership — the feeling of responsibility
      • humility — the ability to step back and embrace the better ideas of others
      • expertise — it is important, but less important than the other four
  • And, really, this entire list and conversation extends to the qualities we are looking for in our teachers.
  • I will take someone with the other four qualities and lacking in expertise rather than the reverse, any day.

in list: Atelier AEFNB

  • The greater the abundance of accessible media, the greater the need to embed thought in important, enduring, and collaborative conversations

in list: Clair 2014

  • These ‘management’ roles apply to all members, for in a network, everyone is a manager, and everyone can play a leadership role. The principles of openness, transparency, and diversity provide a solid foundation for these roles to be practiced.
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