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Jacques Cool

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  • No information technology ever had this depth of knowledge of its consumers — or greater capacity to tweak their synapses to keep them engaged.
  • By rapidly substituting virtual reality for reality, we are diminishing the scope of this interaction even as we multiply the number of people with whom we interact.
  • No wonder we prefer the apps. An entire universe of intimate responses is flattened to a single, distant swipe. We hide our vulnerabilities, airbrushing our flaws and quirks

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  • La transformation des espaces physiques de formation
  • L’acceptation de la complexité
  • Créer des environnements d’apprentissage nourriciers

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  • three types of learning strategies: (1) cognitive strategies such as elaboration, to deepen the understanding of the domain studied; (2) metacognitive strategies such as planning, to regulate the learning process; and (3) motivational strategies such as self-efficacy, to motivate oneself to engage in learning.

  • “if you get preoccupied by a certain type of achievement then you don’t even look for other things people might be good at.”
  • But if collectively those involved in the education system changed what it means to achieve in a way that honors the natural diversity of human life, many more people would see themselves as achievers and would push themselves beyond expectations set for them.
  • Robinson firmly believes that creativity is a central element of what sets humans apart from other forms of life on earth and so educators’ mission should be to bring out the unique creative energy within each child.

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