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  • explorer ce qui se fait ailleurs (aux US, en Ontario, en Europe et chez nos concurrents. Valider chaque étape de conception graphique et pédagogique avec des futurs utilisateurs (enseignants et étudiants).
  • Design pédagogique ou juste design?
  • la notion de fonctionnalité et de structure pédagogique à la base.

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Feb 29, 16

"It’s why I see badges as one part of certification, being badged is a passive act, even with blockchain secure authority, it is done to you. As important, is what you do yourself, in active tense, to demonstrate your own evidence.

Get badged, yes, that’s one part of showing what you have done. But get out there, get a domain, and show the world what you can do. That is evidence."

  • Empathy is the foundation and the heart of the design thinking process. Everything else is built upon it. Empathy is a powerful tool to develop an understanding of others' needs, requiring us to look beyond ourselves and see the world from someone else's point of view.
  • In design thinking, establishing a clear definition of the challenge at hand requires seeking the input of those who are being directly affected.
  • During the ideation (or brainstorming) process, we often work in teams that represent all of our staff members (teachers, custodians, bookkeepers, etc.) to rapidly generate as many solutions as they can to the problems we're addressing.

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