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Jacques Cool

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  • refondation radicale de systèmes éducatifs; montée en puissance spectaculaire de la formation en ligne; valorisation des compétences

  • Teaching our students attributes like compassion and empathy and responsibility addresses our digital dilemmas, even the ones we haven’t seen yet.

  • The brain is naturally going to seek, be curious, explore, and do new things. It’s how the brain thrives. But to do that, you have to feel safe. When you feel safe enough, then you go out and explore. You can't change when you’re defensive. A leader has to be able to give that trust and sense of security.
  • The most powerful thing that we have is our mindset.
22 Apr 14

"Most simulation games–where players role-play life in a pretend world–aren’t so much Make Your Own Adventure as See If You Survive Ours"

  • That’s not Minecraft. Here, they create the world.

  • « Pour moi, le meilleur projet collaboratif a été la construction de châteaux dans Minecraft sur un mode multi-joueurs. »

  • learning by doing
  • “We” are smarter than “me” should be a lesson for educators
  • work to be personally meaningful, supported by time and encouragement to overcome challenges.

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  • Beaucoup de gens du milieu scolaire croient que les élèves sont très engagés quand ils utilisent la technologie. Cependant, sont-ils vraiment engagés dans la tâche, ou sont-ils tout simplement excités par la nouveauté?
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