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Aug 25, 15

"helps students connect to Reflector 2 over restricted networks, and it allows teachers to push content to any connected devices!"

  • l'idée derrière les badges est de donner une reconnaissance de compétences qui ne sont pas essentielles à la réussite scolaire mais qui ajoutent un plus au profil de l'apprenant. C'est une authentification d'aptitudes acquises hors du contexte naturel du cursus.

  • For our schools to be innovative places — for our students to be inspired to take risks and do new things — we need to model that ourselves. Sometimes, the ideas will come from us, sometimes the ideas will come from our students, sometimes we’ll borrow an idea we’ve seen other people do. It doesn’t matter where the spark comes from – it matters that we take the time to dream and figure out how we might realize those dreams.

  • Youtuber c’est être le patron d’une toute petite entreprise à taille humaine. C’est prendre des risques, essayer de vivre de ce que l’on a créé le plus longtemps possible et savoir évoluer avec son temps.
  • Pour moi, youtuber n’est effectivement pas un métier à proprement parler. Mais entreprendre l’est et c’est exactement ce que les vidéastes font. Le terme de youtuber est trop large et beaucoup de personnes ne le comprennent pas. Il serait donc plus judicieux d’utiliser un autre mot lorsqu’on parle du professionnel. Les personnes qui vivent de youtube sont en réalité des créateurs/réalisateurs de contenus audiovisuels. C’est un métier qui existe et qui est référencé

  • a significant difference was found between the two groups' writing mean score after the experiment. Students in the Google Docs group gained higher mean scores than those working in groups in a face-to-face classroom. In addition, students reported that they had positive attitudes toward collaborative writing activity and high collaboration in their groups using Google Docs, while nearly all of them perceived that this learning tool is easy to use

  • Educators widely recognize that students do not learn well when they are isolated "receivers" of knowledge. Indeed, students must overcome isolation in order to learn to write.
  • they encourage active learning, giving students the opportunity to become more deeply engaged with their writing, and with one another.
  • understand writing as a public, communal act, rather than as a private, isolated one

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  • It is not the awarding of the badge that counts but the journey to get there.
  • seven precepts for effective formative assessment
  • 1. It is embedded in a view of teaching and learning of which it is an essential part;
     2. It involves sharing learning goals with pupils;
     3. It aims to help pupils to know and to recognise the standards they are aiming for;
     4. It involves pupils in self-assessment;
     5. It provides feedback which leads to pupils recognising their next steps and how to take them;
     6. It is underpinned by confidence that every student can improve;
     7. It involves both teacher and pupils reviewing and reflecting on assessment data (Broadfoot et al., 1999, p. 7).

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