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  • all basic schools for seven to 16-year-olds must have at least one extended period of multi-disciplinary, phenomenon-based teaching and learning in their curricula.
Mar 25, 15

"D’ici 2020, les jeunes de la génération Z auront aussi un effet d’entraînement majeur dans la transformation des environnements de travail. "

  • The tension between open, social learning and the formal, enclosed variety is becoming untenable.
  • In order to see a rise in the proportion of students who class themselves as engaged in school, we must build a better understanding of how they are learning outside school and take account of that in our learning and teaching practice.


  • e sentir plus compétents
  • effectuent moins de fautes
  • crivent de plus longs textes

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Mar 19, 15

Passionnant !

Is our emerging digital culture partly a return to practices and ways of thinking that were central to human societies before the advent of the printing press?

  • Thomas Pettitt explained the way in which he uses the term the Gutenberg Parenthesis: the idea that oral culture was in a way interrupted by Gutenberg's invention of the printing press and the roughly 500 years of print dominance; a dominance now being challenged in many ways by digital culture and the orality it embraces.
Mar 11, 15

"Sommes nous condamnés à apprendre tout au long de la vie ? Comment développer notre Environnement Personnel d’Apprentissage et de Développement dans un contexte numérique ? Collaborer n’est-ce pas une composante essentielle de l’apprendre enrichie par les outils numériques ?
A partir des aptitudes initiales de l’enfant à apprendre, à collaborer, à s’organiser, les moyens numériques offrent de nouvelles opportunités de développement de chacun. Or le système scolaire, marqué par l’empreinte du livre et de la forme scolaire, semble s’opposer aux deux dynamiques, celle du développement propre de l’enfant et l’envahissement progressif de la sphère sociale par le numérique. Malgré le volontarisme des décideurs, l’organisation scolaire a encore bien du mal à généraliser, à banaliser le numérique. Or le système scolaire ne peut pas, ne doit pas laisser l’opportunité de ces évolutions s’il veut continuer à garder son rôle dans la société."

  • each of the three pursuits he explores “is, at its heart, nonnegotiable,” and urges us to start thinking of each not as something to be balanced against the other two but as something “conversing with, questioning or emboldening the other two.” Only then can we begin to shift away from “trading and bartering parts of ourselves as if they were salable commodities.” Because work and life are not separate things, he argues, they can’t be “balanced” against one another; instead, they are best treated as a “movable conversational frontier.”
  • We are each a river with a particular abiding character, but we show radically different aspects of our self according to the territory through which we travel.
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