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Jacques Cool

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May 31, 15

"I blog because I think it's my responsibility to share."

  • I understand when people stand up and say that we need to do more to improve outcomes in education and we need to do more to provide positive outcomes in health," he said.



    "Well, before getting there, we need to address the fiscal challenges. We need to balance the books."

  • One major change as we enter the network era is that positional power (based on institutions and hierarchies) may no longer be required to have influence in a network society.
  • I call this connected leadership: the combination of social and networked leadership.

  • I am hoping we can create something better for our students than what we grew up with.  When we know better, we should do better.  
  • People challenge others to think “outside of the box”, when really we need to think how do we become innovative inside of the box.
  • While some looked at the constraints as a barrier, others looked at the constraints as an opportunity.  It is your perspective.
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