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  • over 6.5 million students enrolled in at least one online course during 2010 with 31% of post-secondary students taking at least one online course
  • online learning has typically been the chosen method for working adults aged 25–50
  • online learning as courses in which all of the instruction/materials are presented online

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  • Bob Rae issued his “Leader in Learning” report
  • out enough money to do the job
  • Per-student funding has slipped back down to 2005

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Nov 20, 15

tool developed at University of Virginia? Bill Ferster

Nov 18, 15

review for blog post - find her book reference - review and augment her tips/ideas

Nov 17, 15

Describes inquiry-based teaching approaches at VIU - part of a larger project - check as I think Professor Neil Smith hosted an open SCoPE session about 5 years ago?

Nov 15, 15

In a 7th-grade classroom, health lessons are framed as broader mission; to get students engaged with relevant topics in their community.

Nov 15, 15

Teachers have a number of options for introducing students to a new game-based lesson, including the fishbowl, playing together, and beginning with a simplified version.

Nov 14, 15

download pdfs that explain different elements of how to design quests and mission packs

Nov 14, 15

describes work of the Institute of Play, the organization behind the Quest Schools, TeacherQuest Training. They share some Print & Play games and Mission Packs to design your own quest learning experiences.

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