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  • whether the sharing economy is simply bringing more wage-earning opportunities to more people, or whether its net effect is the displacement of traditionally secure jobs and the creation of a land of part-time, low-paid work.
  • A January 2015 paper co-authored by Princeton’s Alan Krueger — the former Chairman of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers — based on Uber’s internal data finds clear benefits for “driver-partners” and notes the new financial opportunities created for tens of thousands of workers
  • A 2014 paper by Annette Bernhardt of University of California, Berkeley

  • to support faculty in their teaching endeavours. We help faculty develop their courses, provide professional development opportunities for faculty and research, pilot and  implement educational technologies.
Dec 01, 14

contributed in Wk 5 of Nov2014 ISWo
"Fair and Equitable Measurement of Student Learning in MOOCs: An Introduction to Item Response Theory, Scale Linking, and Score Equating" Research & Practice in Assessment, Summer 2013

Nov 28, 14

Patterson and McFadden's 2009 study, contributed by Team Orange, Week 2 Mini-session, Nov2014 ISWo

Nov 26, 14

mentioned at Transmedia session at Nov 13 ETUG

Nov 24, 14

fashion examples - very smooth & spooky

Nov 24, 14

a rich resource but still not as fun as the clickable TED-Ed version

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