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Yukon syl

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Jan 22, 16

shut down in 2009 - still useful to see their initial results?

  • TLRP up to September 30th 2009
Jan 14, 16

review - suggest some Cdn articles!! - article challenging Wiley's limited view of Openness - see especially "redistribute" - its way more than just sharing with a friend!

Jan 10, 16

find source library? interesting topics - sponsored by UofPennsylvania but costs $75 for personal subscription - full articles only available by subscription

Dec 31, 15

mostly well-written and informative - interesting use of metaphor and story to explain science - maybe a little much at times?

  • Your colon is the home for much of your microbiome—the community of microbial life that lives on and in you. In a nutshell, for better and worse, what you eat feeds your microbiome. And what they make from what you eat can help keep you healthy or foster chronic disease.
  • follow the metabolic fate of a meal.
  • digestive tract as the stomach, small intestine, and colon

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