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Jul 30, 16

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - painting we saw at Children's Museum in Nurnberg

Jul 27, 16

from Global Information Design page? worth a review

Jul 26, 16

STEM Learning Ltd offers the largest collection of learning resources for teachers and educators of science, technology, engineering, computing and mathematics in the UK.

Jul 25, 16

Dutch Masters are those painters of great skill working during the "Dutch Golden Age," during the seventeenth century.

Jun 30, 16

Accessibility & Teaching for an Inclusive Classroom
-Accommodation Strategies, Using Technology in the Classroom, Note-Takers, Test and Exam Accommodation, and University Policies. Universal Instructional Design;

Jun 30, 16

interesting delineation - program learning outcomes, course-specific outcomes (and course level outcomes can also be called learning objectives or course-specific goals!)

  • Course-specific learning outcomes (also sometimes referred to as learning objectives or course-specific goals) are clear  statements that describe the competences that students should possess upon  completion of a course (Simon and Taylor, 2009; Anderson et al., 2001; Harder,  2002; Kennedy et al., 2006).  Effective  learning outcomes state what students should know and be able to demonstrate,  as well as the depth of learning that is expected. 
Jun 30, 16

2008, Feb 21-22, Bologna Seminar: Learning outcomes based higher education: the Scottish experience, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

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